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Cost for new Business

Morning All!Brown can[and does ]deliver my "replace truck-stock parts" SOOOOO ,while I am out satifing my NEXT customer ,some are waiting for the delivery ,reschedualing,and retripping to satisfiy their FIRST customer .One or two times a day,five days a week ! To each his own , my way works for me.To you and your's,the best!


  • RadPro
    RadPro Member Posts: 90
    Truck parts inventory cost

    Hi all,

    I was wandering if anyone has a truck inventory cost for running commercial frige and residential heat and AC. Parts only.

    I am making a list, but will need to go to the local wholesale house to get prices and they may not respond too quickly.

    I am working on starting a HVAC-R service and replacement business with a customer. Anyone ever start a business with a customer? He would provide the money and I would be the number one employee, providing tools.


    Don unemployed in SEIA
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Dear Don!Who makes the profit? Free service for your new "partner".Who shares in the LOSSES when it happens?Who works overtime?who does all the damn "paper work"?I find that for each 8 hours of actual work there is another 4 hrs of "paperwork".Parts is Parts.I say stock as much as possible on board the truck,for the purpose of keeping you "on the job",making money.Not too many company's can charge for the time running to the supply houses for "common parts".So out of a busy day,you put in 10 hours,how many hours are "chargeable"? how many hours do you absorbe as "overhead"?Now ,if you stock a lot, than you can work a lot .I stock between 80K-100K on my truck and my productivity is typically 80-100%.,Meaning that if I put in a 10hr day I am being paid for 10hrs.Time is MONEY MONEY MONEY.Good Luck which ever way you go.Satisfied customers tend to pay their bills better than unsatisfied customers .
  • jim lockard
    jim lockard Member Posts: 1,059
    must be

    one hell of a truck to hold 80 grand in hvac parts. I can see 15 to 20 maybe. Don do not do it.
    Go in business for your self and with your self. Best Wishes J.Lockard
  • RadPro
    RadPro Member Posts: 90
    Thank you

    Maybe that is $8,000 to $10,000. That sounds a little more reasonable.

    If I had the capitol, already would have jumped over the cliff! I have a family of 8 to take care of, if it was just me, easy decision to do it by myself. I feel I'm a little too late for "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!".

    In my mind and situation, truck stock is too important. The nearest refrigeration wholesaler is a two hour trip one way! The nearest other's are plumbing, heating and/or electric wholesalers. They can have it tomorrow! Of course if I needed it tomorrow I would not be in your place today!

    We are in the early stages, a lot has to be hashed out to make sure everyone is willing and happy with the situation.

  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    Cost of Business

    Don ,go for it! A toolbox ,gauges,and a smile is a start .One part at a time.! Good Luck!!!!!!!! Thank You Jim,she sure is !
  • jim lockard
    jim lockard Member Posts: 1,059
    Big brown truck

    Don --W.W. Grainger, Johnstone, and others can delivery parts almost over night anywhere in this country. J.Lockard
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    That's true. I get my parts from Grainger and Johnstone UPS next day. Truth is I only had enough money for the tools. I get by just fine. I haven't had a customer complain about waiting a day for parts. I would just carry the basics like refrigerant, a couple thermostats, some pilot assemblys, and hot surface igniters.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Hi Gents,I like the different view points,BUT,espicially in commercial refrigeration it is hard to find a customer with a spare walk-in box,so,if I was able to fix it right away ,most of the time, my customer would not hesitate to call me for service again, and again.A loyal customer pays the going fare.Enjoy!
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Besides the NEW truck....

    I carry 6 to 8G at all times. Now, this is also split with reclaimer's, instruments, but they are used and people are charged accordingly. Give yourself a cushion!!!! $ wise. You never know when you will run into a control job nightmare...;-)

    Mike T.
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Overnight delivery

    Overnight delivery has definitely helped us help our customers.

    What can brown do for you?
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380

    Grainger has an excellent inventory managment system. If you are not looking for any super-specific components, they have a relatively good variety of generic parts that can definitely help pull your butt out of the fire.
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