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You can't do it alone, folks

John R. Hall
John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
In another thread Joel talked about ACCA and PHCC, to name a couple of industry groups. This is another good topic.

Too many businesspeople got into ownership right off the truck -- and some continue to be the number one mechanic in their business. But many lack the skills to run a business and sadly, lack the cajones to admit they don't know much about business management.

That's why industry contractor groups are a great way to learn -- not only from consultants outside the business -- but from peers who have "been there and done that." Why do you think The Wall is so important? Yeah, it's fun to blow off steam and promote friendship. But places like these are learning experiences. We find answers to questions and ask questions for answers.

I believe the hardest step to asking for help is the first step. Acknowledge that you might not know everything and seek others who may share your experiences. There are a lot of very good groups out there that can offer great services. Some may be too pricey or demand too much of your time. But don't blow them off. Every group I know of has different levels of membership.

Grab whatever gems you can from your peers. Some of it is very low hanging fruit.

What were the words of that immortal song, "I get by with a little help from my friends..." The next line might be more applicable to some of the fun you can share with your friends.


  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    You're not alone.

    All alone only works for the Robinson Crusoe types, out of necessity. And as far as learning from no one else but others, would require of each of us to reinvent the wheel all on our own.

    I can't do that, and I have never understood those people who refuse to learn anything new.

    Your words, John, put it all very nicely. Boy is it fun to watch the steam blow over.

    Just so the Dutch are not alone today, let's join them in celebrating their Queen's birthday. There, another gem to run away with.
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