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Oil Burners 18\" off residential garage floors?

SaggsSaggs Posts: 174Member
I'm in VT and am familiar with the code requiring open flamed heating units be 18" off a residential garage floor. Does anyone know if an existing unit (15yrs) is required to meet this code or would it be grandfathered? Or has this code been around since time- eternal? I have a call to the commercial boiler inspector but haven't heard from him yet. Thx


  • kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Posts: 2,124Member
    Is the boiler...

    in place and running? If it's not a new installation you should be all pictures?
    I just did a job here in NH. where the garage was the same level as the basement...everything electrical had to be 18" off the floor...even the well switch. kpc
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  • Nick L. in VtNick L. in Vt Posts: 87Member
    is it residential or commercial/rental

    in vt, code only applies to commercial and mutli family dwelling. sad but true. unless in a town that actually has it's own inspector. but i haven't met any ever.still i would fix it and be done, if a fire/explosion did ensue, how do you justify "but that would cost too much"

    They call me "Hot Pipe"
  • Nick L. in VtNick L. in Vt Posts: 87Member
    nh job

    was there a actual inspector to look at the job? seems no one is inspecting residential work. at least on the jobs we go into as a fuel dealer/service dept. bad venting, improper materials, gas leaks, oil leaks, water leaks, no heat, insuff heat, bad venting(happens alot).

    They call me "Hot Pipe"
  • Dave BelisleDave Belisle Posts: 68Member
    18 inches

    You will find in the National Electrical code that any area
    in a garage 18 inches and lower is rated as a hazardous area. ( A expensive area to wire in )
    And must contain no sourse of ignition.
    You could have a possible build up of combustionable fumes

    You are not Grand fathered . All those boilers you see sitting on garage floors shouldn't be there.


  • S EbelsS Ebels Posts: 2,322Member

    Regardless of what the code allows or doesn't allow, that burner should be 18" minimum off the floor. If you have an existing burner that is less, it should be moved up. It's the only safe way to do it. The only suel fired appliance allowed lower than 18" are sealed combustion and I don't recommend those be less than 18" personally. Allowances for combustion air should also be made to ensure the chimney doesn't become the intake for the burner air.
  • kevin coppinger_4kevin coppinger_4 Posts: 2,124Member
    oh yes...

    there was an inspector...he is a tough one too. I am in the seacoast area.

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