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Great info from everyone. I tend to be a braze instead of solder guy myself, but definitely know there are good uses for the silver bearing solder.

Looking for a training class in the Eastern Fairfield County, CT area. We may be interested in doing it in house also.


  • Paul Fredricks_3
    Paul Fredricks_3 Member Posts: 1,557

    Does anyone have a good source of info on the web for 410A, i.e. charging, t&p charts and safety?
  • paul zeszotarski
    paul zeszotarski Member Posts: 33

    the tp range that i have is from -60F at 0.9 PSIG to 155F at 646.2 PSIG.
  • scott inM.E.
    scott inM.E. Member Posts: 68

    Paul try the Genetron web site at www.genetron.com, they should have all ref. info available. As far as safety, don't solder these system's, you should purge w/nitrogen and braze all ref and a/c system's alway's!

    I see over and over again soldered a/c system's and when they leak you rip out the solder junk and have to braze in a new fitting. Soldering is for plumbing and too many plumber's think a/c piping is like plumbing. 410A psi's are twice as high on the low and high side, compared to r22. Eye protection is highly recomended when handling 410A, again because of the high psi's.
  • Eugene Silberstein 3
    Eugene Silberstein 3 Member Posts: 1,380

    In addition to the operating pressures of an R-410a system being 60-70% higher than those on R-22 systems, the oils used in R-410a systems require special handling and storage.

    Gauges, recovery equipment, recovery tanks and other pieces of equipment must be rated for use with R-410a.

    It is HIGHLY recommended that anyone who will be working on these systems attand an R-410a safety training session and obtain certification for the training.

    The Professor
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Paul!PLEASE attend a safety classs.I have the same chart that you have.I've been to 4 different mfgr's safety classes,how about you going to one? It's for YOUR safety!
  • JackEnnisMartin
    JackEnnisMartin Member Posts: 70
    Silverbrite soldering for 401a sysrems

    Good Morning
    I have read with interest the discussion regardng silfossing of refrigerant lines as compared to soldering. I have had very good success with silverbrite solder on all refrigerants and they have thier place in places you cannot get to all sides of the joint as you have to with fifteen percent silfoss. I have to the best of my knowledge read that a silverbrite joint properly prepared and execeuted can hold to 26,000 psig before failure. How about we ask the maker of silverbrite to log on and tell us the technical proporties of his / her product? I silfoss joints that are not effected by too much heat on say hermetic sight glasses I silverbrite them because the flow starts at about 450 degrees f.
    Thanks and hug your kids ;the more love you give a child the less you will be at the police station bailing them out. We have to take a test here to silfoss ,it is a governent testing program and you have to test in a three year period. to have your licence remain current after your initial test.

    Jack Ennis Martin
  • Eugene Silberstein 3
    Eugene Silberstein 3 Member Posts: 1,380
    410A Certification

    We will be offering R-410A certification training and testing on the Island of Long in May and June. Drop me an e-mail for information.
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    HI Jack

    I tend to agree with Jack on the use of StayBrite type solders[silver bearing].Two A.C.'s manufacturers said the reason for NOT using silver bearing solders was because of the FLUX's getting into the system and screwing up the oil,either POE or PVE.
  • Darin(in Michigan)
    Darin(in Michigan) Member Posts: 90

    I was led to believe that soldered joints were against code in residential as well as commercial jobs because the joint could blow apart in the presence of a fire. There are some new stick products out there that flow much easier than sil-phos and are still considered a brazed joint.
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