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Warm Air software

Steve_35 Member Posts: 546

Stable software, decent support and training available.


  • KAG
    KAG Member Posts: 82
    Warm air software

    I am a contractor looking for sizing software for warm-air/ a/c systems. I enjoy doing the work myself and find most supply house take to long (not a big player in my area). I also find it helps me seperate myself from the competition and better understand how to prevent trial and error mistakes. I am just looking for simple programs that is easy to work with. Hope someome can help.
  • Brad White_61
    Brad White_61 Member Posts: 9
    I would think that any

    of the commercial products would work well for you; HVAC-Calc out of Canada, Elite Software's RHVAC (residential HVAC) which is Manual-J based, and Elite's CHVAC (commercial HVAC) which is what I use and which is ASHRAE-Based on CLTD and RTS methods which you can toggle.

    I have been asking the Elite people to allow hydronic options and terminology; all of their outputs for zones are termed "air handlers" and geared toward air systems. Must be a Texas-thang... :)

    But they are receptive to suggestions and did incorporate a couple of mine, so have earned my loyalty.

    There are others I am sure, those above I have tried at least on a trial basis.


  • Bryan_16
    Bryan_16 Member Posts: 262
    operating cost

    Brad, do they include comparison of different fuel types/costs? I really need that feature.
  • Brad White_62
    Brad White_62 Member Posts: 3
    That is a whole 'nuther subject, Bryan

    The programs I mentioned do not to my knowledge have that feature (CHVAC for a fact does not, I know).

    Siggy's Hydronic Design Studio (HDS) has such a module. I think you will find that helpful. Plug in your fuel unit cost, heat loss, degree days (location tables are provided) and you are on your way.

    The fuel cost module is but ONE of about a dozen features, heat loss, basement heat loss, hydronic resistance, injection piping and pumps, lots of hydronic (not air) stuff.

    But heat loss is heat loss as is cost. With air though, as with water, do not forget the "moving cost", electrical consumption of circulator or fan. Fan kWH can be a big factor.
  • Bryan_16
    Bryan_16 Member Posts: 262
    Thanks Brad

    unfortunately, 80% of my business is forced air. I try to get as much hydronic work as possible, but without my forced air work I would starve to death. Thanks for the info, I have limited experience with the HDS and that's where the cost comparison thought comes from. It must be out there somewhere. Bryan
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