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This isn't exactly \"goodbye\"...

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
and while none of us should steer their lives by the ruckblickspiegel touching down on the friendship you have developed during your run ,to me, remains one of those "things" that cannot be bought at any price. i wish you all the luck and good fortune in the years to come as you advance new solutions for an even larger community that clearly needs your individualized skill sets. Thank you for your thoughts along life's highway. The *~/:)


  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    This isn't exactly \"goodbye\"...

    but I have been moved to a different job at Honeywell. I will keep up with the "Wall" on a regular basis, but I won't be able to respond to questions or issues as quickly as I have in the past. My territory also has changed, I will no longer be covering NYC, LI, Orange/Rockland, Putnam & Westchester, but I will continue to cover distributors in New Jersey. Contractors can call 1-800-468-1502 for technical help. Anyone can visit www.customer.honeywell.com for marketing info & technical literature. Make it a point to find out who your local Honeywell rep is, and work closely with your Honeywell distributor; they are a key asset for you.

    This has been a heck of a ride. You guys are truly the best of the best when it comes to craftsmanship,knowledge, innovation and dedication to the industry. I am always amazed at the level you folks perform at, and I'm happy that visiting homeowners can see what this industry is capable of, and not just the same-old,same-old that is the average.

    The guys I've met in person, the guys I've talked to on the phone or by email, thanks for the input and the learning, and above all, the friendship! Thanks for your support and for using the Honeywell products. Thanks also to Dan for providing this valuable tool. WET HEAT RULES!!!
  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    Best of luck

    and continued success Bill, take care!
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    Best of Luck, Bill!

    I am sorry to see you "go" but I look forward to hearing from you in the future, even if it is on a reduced basis. Cheers!
  • jerry scharf_3
    jerry scharf_3 Member Posts: 419


    I hope this is a good move for you.

    The way you have been here for people is a credit to your company and the industry. You are a consumate professional.

    Don't be too scarce.

  • hydronicsmike
    hydronicsmike Member Posts: 855
    Bill W

    I wish you the best of luck and most success with your new position. The guy taking over your area sure has big boots to fill.

    You been very helpful every time I needed your help and I always appreciated it. Keep in touch and it is good to hear that you will keep swinging by the Wall.

    Regards and many cudos,

  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Hey Bill

    I am glad you'll be around but sorry it won't be as often.

    You have allways been a real professional and a true gentleman here on the wall.

    I have enjoyed your friendship and comraderie.

    Good Luck


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  • Larry (from OSHA)
    Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 716
    moving forward


    I'd like to echo the sentiments of everyone else here. You have been a tremendous resource and very much appreciated. I hope your new position is at least as fulfilling and rewarding as the last.

    Larry (from OSHA)
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,492
    Best of luck, Bill.

    We're here when you need us. Always.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    And ,

    New Jersey will be the better for it!

    Anything I can do to help, please let me know. Your friendship has meant a lot. I'm sure it will continue to do so.

    Is this just a territory change or will you and Andre be sharing an office?

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  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    Best of luck Bill

    Your professionalism has been really appreciated and reflected most favorably on your employer. Just knowing who to contact at a large company is valuable for us all. I hope the move is one you want and will enjoy. I doubt that the marketing staffs at companies like HW realize how much someone like you adds to the brand. Thanks again for all you have shared.
  • adambuild
    adambuild Member Posts: 413
    Bill Wolfe


    I'm happy you're moving up but sad that you won't be as "regular." I've personally been the recipient of your caring advice and professionalism. I hope Honeywell realizes what an asset you are to their organization. Best of luck and I look forward to seeing your name here in the future.

    Adam J. Goldberg
    ADAM Builders
  • TGO_54
    TGO_54 Member Posts: 327
    Best of luck

    To you Bill, I hope the move is everthing you want it to be and more. Don't be a stranger.


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  • Bill I hope this is

    a good move for you. You are a real asset and a great guy. Keep in touch we need your knowledge.
  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    Good luck Bill

    I've enjoyed witnessing your passion for this industry and for your professionalism.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Open skies

    to you, Bill! Stop by as often as you can. Thanks for your polite and honest responses.

    hot rod

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  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Thanks, guys!

    This level of support and well-wishing is very humbling. This just a lateral move, Honeywell is redeploying the sales force, focusing more on the contractor so we can make your lives a bit easier, provide you with better products and streamline our operations. Thanks again to all of you.
  • All the best Bill

    on your move in the Honeywell Company . I hope this doesn't mean we won't see you at future heating seminars ( in the vein of Wetstock ) ? You are a true credit to the profession and great down to Earth guy in person .
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Never forget

    The pasta dinner after the first Wetstock. I'll miss your wealth of knowledge concerning all things Honeywell. Stay in touch pal. Maybe we can do dinner agian some day.

    See Ya
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