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Newbie A/C question

Been hot here lately. I went up to my attic to inspect my A/C unit. Noticed the Condensation Line was made of PVC. It must have had some extra water in the line b/c it cracked. The line has a long flat run with several 90's tied in. It has at least 15 foot run after the trap....mostly flat and that is where it froze.

$64K Question:
I have been doing some remodeling. The currently line snakes from the attic to the basement through the wall and down to a floor drain. However, I want to do away with it b/c I am remodeling the basement. So I need to relocated the drain line. I would like to run it out the attic ceiling out to my soffit outside and drain it into the downspout from my gutter. The only issue is that I have to go up and over the A/C ductwork. The drain is on the inside of the unit which is tight agains the wall. Do I need a trap for draining, if so can it go up and over the duct as long as the drain originates at a higher position than the top of the duct work.

What material should be used for the drain line? PVC or PEX?


  • Carl PE
    Carl PE Member Posts: 203

    You can keep the trap from freezing by moving it down into the conditioned space. Surely there's a laundry sink or somewhere inside it can run to..

    I'd use the pvc myself [sweats less], but opinions will vary.

    I'm almost afraid to ask, but.. where does the secondary pan drain?
  • heatmeister
    heatmeister Member Posts: 5
    Secondary Pan

    I am no expert.....but the unit in my attic has two outlets.....one I am assuming is the secondary. NO PAN Exists. the two outlets had run side by side down to the basement.
  • TGO_54
    TGO_54 Member Posts: 327

    Hi Mel,

    If your air handler is located above finished space, you want to have a pan under it. In the event that the air handler leaks water the secondary will catch it and prevent damage to your home.

    The drain line from the secondary should terminate where you will see water dripping and know there is a problem. You could also install a switch that will turn off the A/C if there is water in the pan.

    As to re-routing the drain lines, if you aren't 100% sure of how to do it call in a pro. If you want to do the work yourself, find someone who will show you what to do - it will be worth the price of the service call.

    Good Luck

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