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Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
Thanks for the pictures, it's nice to see systems out in the wild...

I like the Vitosol tubes a lot, I have a H30 array on my roof. I am a bit surprised that you elected to run the outside pipe all the way to the right end of the 2xH20 array instead of simply tying into the ports on the left side. It would have saved you some piping, etc.

Also, is that a pet raccoon or was it just hanging out with you up there?

In the basement, it looks like you were having some fun with the Curvo tool... but it's interesting how you used it in some sections but not others on this job... is there a particular reason?

The whole install looks like a great work in progress. Presumably, you're still planning on encapsulating the wiring, etc. right? Also, is that a manifold system for the DHW under the ceiling joists or is it part of the heating system?


  • Joe Furfaro
    Joe Furfaro Member Posts: 30
    Vitosol, Vitoden, Bronzed radiators and a racoon

    Just wanted to share some pictures of my home installation with the "Wall". Solar system has been up and running for a week now. I am impressed with the solar gain even in partly cloudy weather.
    I want to thank all the people on the "Wall" for your good advice and all the information that one can find. When I moved into my house I didn't have any appreciation of hydronic heating. I even considered removing the old rads and converting to forced air.
    Very glad I didn't.
    Thanks Again
  • Joe Furfaro
    Joe Furfaro Member Posts: 30

    I remember the pic of your Vitosol tubes Constantin. Interesting effect the way they overhung the roof.
    The raccoon(Field Inspector) did not show up till I had the job finished. I don't think it interfered with his habitant so the job passed.
    As to the piping extending to the far side of the array, the roof is not flat. There is probably a 8" slope.I decided to feed the high end so the air vent was near or at the highest point.
    The "curvo" tool I used is a 3/4" EMT (electric metallic tubing)bender( I am a electrician)it worked quite well on the soft copper.
    Yes, that is a manifold system for the DHW. I also installed a manifold for the DCW. I installed a mixing valve for the DHW.
    I will look at doing something with the wiring.
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