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I was layed off today (Glenn Harrison)

Gene_3 Member Posts: 289
I couldn't agree more. The best things that ever happened to me or made me grow as a tech and a person was changing companies, a rolling stone grows no moss. This field is so diverse I think the only way to learn as much as you can is to move around and meet others, learn from them.

Good luck, I know that uneasy feeling.


  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845

    Just letting all my friends here at The Wall know that I got layed off today, so at this time I am not working for Althoff Industries.

    Just for the record this was mutually agreed upon by myself and managment, based on my feelings and attitude as of late. So there are no hard feelings about it.

    Whether I go back or not I don't know yet. I am going to take a little time to clear my head, check my options, and deicde what to do. I just know that I have not been happy at A.I. for quite sometime due to multiple reasons, and in some way maybe I needed this break to decide if the grass is greener on the other side or not,and see what else is out there. Maybe I'm being stupid and this is the best around, maybe not. Time will tell.

    Glenn Harrison

    Chicago IL.
  • Change is good

    and you're not being stupid. You will look back in a few years and will be happy that you made this change. Even at the best of times, it's good to move around a bit because you learn more and don't stagnate. Keeps the mind fresh.


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  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,490
    You have to

    Love Monday. Good move.
    Retired and loving it.

  • Do what you need to! If you aren't happy at work, you are basically chopping out half of your concious life and throwing it away. As far as I'm concerned, that's no way to live, and so it's critical in life to look and look and look until you find what you want out of your work life.

    Best of luck to you. You may not be able to articulate the exact cost/benefit of what you are doing, but I would say if you are unhappy enough to be considering this kind of move, then you probably need to move on. Listen to your intuition there and don't rationalize it too much.
  • Glenn

    Sometimes you have to do what ever is best for you and your family. I've made a few decisions like that in my past and all have led to bigger and better things! You are still young enough to make these decisions and to rebound. With your training and expertise I'm sure that you will indeed do just that! Good luck in whatever endeaver awaits down the road. We'll all be here to lend a hand or two if needed.

    Glenn Stanton

    Manager of Training

    Burnham Hydronics

    U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    I was once in a cycle of

    a new job every two years, best thing that ever happened.

    As many have said, learn, learn learn by watching others do it right and wrong and it all becomes clear, FACT!

    If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask.

    Enjoy the weekend Glenn, play with your friends and embrace your family.

    Monday is the start of a brand new Chapter in your book.

  • David Sutton_6
    David Sutton_6 Member Posts: 1,079
    Glen i know how ya fell

    Change is a very scary thing, but in most cases its just what we NEED but not always what we WANT. you will do fine trust in yourself, have the cofedence to succeed and you will find your way, you are a very smart person from what i read, you'll do well young padiwha (its a star wars thing lol), all my best...David
  • Steve Ebels_3
    Steve Ebels_3 Member Posts: 1,291
    Loving Monday

    That's an excellent read penned by a Mr Beckett. (Yes it's that Beckett) For any of you who don't have a copy, you really should pick one up.
  • Glenn maybe I was being prophetic

    at Oilstock when I told you that you need to go into business for yourself. You have a lot of talent and many times it goes unapprecaited by those you work for.

    Sucess is in the eye of the beholder, so look beyond what others have done and do something new and creative. The most fun is developing the process of reinventing yourself. Otherwise we get caught in the every day routine and miss all the new and exiciting stuff that is out there.

    My prayers will be with you and anything I can do to help you just let me know.
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909

    Fear not, you will be fine. I know it's spooky to have the net taken from under you, but you have the ability inside you to go forward. No comapny gave you your ability, you developed it on your own. It is yours to keep forever no matter where you go.

    E-mail me if you want to chat sometime.

    Take your time and consider your options. Being happy at what you do and where you do it counts for something as I know you know.

    Be at peace, you are going to be just fine!!!!

    Mark H

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  • Floyd_13
    Floyd_13 Member Posts: 3
    I'll never forget the day...

    end of Oct. '95.
    Was told my services weren't needed.... out of the blue... and I was the go to guy, that always fixed the others screwups....
    Anyway it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me, made me do what I was afraid to do otherwise.....
    Sometimes, we can look back a realize that there is an almighty Father that looks out for us and cares for us so much that he causes bad things to happen to us for our own good.

    Hey, if you want to come to the middle of nowhere, Pa.......

    You'll be fine... hang in there and keep your chin up....

  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Thanks to everyone

    You guys are amazing! Your comments have already helped me feel better and that this will be a good thing for me, and that I will survive. I will admit that since I have been hear for 9 years, and that my previous change of employment was on my terms, and almost instantanious, this will be a whole new experieince for me (unemployment, job hunting and interviews etc.) I just hope this goes quickly as the finances do not allow for a lack of paychecks.

    Thank you again.
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    I think that...

    that's one thing I will do while I'm off, is catchup on some reading of my magazines, and my copy of "Loving Monday" (Thanks to Alan Mercurio) :)
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Tim, if I had the financial resources...

    I probably would start my own business at this point. Unfortunately my credit and my savings (or lack there of) would never allow me to go on my own.

    Thanks for the prayers, I'm sure they will provide the guidance and answers I need at this time.
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845

    You just about summed up my situation to a "T".

    I'll tell ya, after I made the trek to Pennsylvania to be at Oilstock I, and saw the beauty of the mountains, I would move out that way, except my house is in a state of slow remodeling. So I can't just get up and move and be able to sell a half finsihed house.

    Thanks for the offer.
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    Chin up...

    I'm sure that you'll land on your feet! You have the skills, the knowledge, and the drive to do things right. Whether you end up working for someone else or open your own shop, I'm convinced that you will succeed. All the best!
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Check with the

    Bleir boys over at Able Dist. With your skills and personality you should be able to name your price :)

    They, Dan and Mike, have been talking about an alternative energy company of some sorts. You may be the EXACT guy they need to bring that to fruition. They have investors with deep pockets onboard :)

    Good luck, and enjoy some down time!

    hot rod

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  • mp1969
    mp1969 Member Posts: 226
    More power to you

    There is nothing wrong if you are trying to better yourself,pursue dreams and expand your horizons. I have done it several times and while I was apprehensive, I have the confidence and experience that always helpd me land on my feet.
    By following the thread here it is obvious that your peers see this as a wise move.
    As long as you left on decent terms and didn't burn an bridges you will do just fine

    Best of luck!

    MP 1969
  • Bill Nye_2
    Bill Nye_2 Member Posts: 538

    Great opportunity to finish a home project! Pick one that is labor intensive and not money inten$ive.

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  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    dont see that you had a choice...

    you are up on technology, AI isnt, and you simply couldnt stand by and shortchange the customer - esecially with the ever increasing energy crunch - so you not only did the right thing - it was the only thing -
  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    Repeating my Oil Tech Talk Post


    I don't know you -- but know of you. If I can put in a good word for you with anyone in your area, please let me know where you are looking and what your background is. I'd like to help if I could.

    John R. Hall

    The News

    BTW -- I'm working on my longest tenure with any employer -- 7-1/2 years. I know what it is like to change jobs AND professions. Best of luck.
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