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Not all our jobs include 5 Vitodens

S Ebels
S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
Here's a little laundromat water heating system we installed today. It had a pair of small boilers that were styled a lot like a Burkay water heater. The fired at 165K each. The piping was totally screwed up in that the system circ was trying to push the flow against the fill line going into the tank. The owner said the boilers were constantly cycling on/off.
We rerouted the tank piping to send the cold inlet water direct at the circulator suction port and moved the aquastat to the same location. The hot water discharge from the old system also entered the bottom of the tank causing instant mixing of the water temp. We moved that to the top. Now the circ will kick on and run for a nice extended period of time, minimum 6-7 minutes. The Takagi's modulate nicely as the delta T get's closer to setpoint. Sweet little unit's. I highly recommend them.


  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205
    Night and Day Difference

    Great job as always Steve. It would be very interesting to track fuel usage there. Have them keep all the old utility bills and compare them to this years. A fine install using science instead of guess work.

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