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Kniggit_2 Member Posts: 1
our sales rep said all pro press fitting were re crimpable no matter what size, we have actaully forgotten to tighten a couple male addapters (who would have thought someone could forget) and re-crimped after the tightening with no problems


  • Eric_25
    Eric_25 Member Posts: 79

    I posted a note a few days ago looking for input on the Propress versus the competion Xpress or ?? didn't get much response, I see quite a few of you guys using press fittings and they look great. I want to buy one. One supplier is trying to sell me on the Xpress/Elkhart system, any more input would be appreciated before I slap down the big bucks.

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  • Rocky_2
    Rocky_2 Member Posts: 89
    Propress vs. X-press

    We use both. The Propress jaws work with the X-press fittings. As well as with the Nibco fittings. Buy one Propress tool and you can use either propress, xpress, or nibco fittings. xpress fittings do not "crinkle" the pipe like propress fittings. xpress allows you to "tweak" the fittings after they have been crunched if you are a little out of plumb or level. Propress cannot do that unless you are above the 2" size. We own three cordless propress tools with the 1/2" to 2" jaws, plus one XL jaw set that allows us to do up to 4" stuff.
    Hope this helps,
  • jim lockard
    jim lockard Member Posts: 1,059
    Slapem down

    Can only comment on the Propress by Rigid she will make you more money then she will cost you.
    Once you become addicted there is no turning back.
    The helper almost went Propresstal the other day when he ran out of propress fittings. UPS got to him just in time he's goning to be ok. Best Wishes J.Lockard
  • Jerry_15
    Jerry_15 Member Posts: 379

    Say amen brother.
  • There is something about xpress...

    that causes the hair on the nape of my neck to stand up. It looks like it's missing half the required sholder to get and give a good bite. While I am certain that EPCO has gone to extensive testing on this product, and they have written guarantees out on their product when used with the Rigid tool, there is still something about it that causes me to not use it. Our company has decided NOT to use the non Rigid fittings.

    Of course, everyone thought the Entran 2 was good safe bet too because it was backed by the giant American company known as Goodyear...

    Giants too can stumble and fall.

  • Jeff Elston
    Jeff Elston Member Posts: 289

    I got a propress tool and its great Ilove it, I use to solder all day not any more, count 15 seconds and the fitting is made, I did a 4" repair and I was done so fast it was just silly. I bought the tool the next day and never went back. I wish that someday that the fittings will be avalible just like sweat fittings that will complete the propress deal.
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