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Goin' out to plant the bugz today... (ME)

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
sure wouldnt want a leak in the 45th loop down in the oops box..*~/:) a guy would have to hire Green Lantern on for the day...


  • Bugz..

    Thats what we call our temperauture recording devices. You know, kinda like the CIA and all:-)

    Anyway, the weather service is calling for a change in the weather in the next week. Its been in the mid seventies here for numerous days this last week.

    So, I'm headed down to push sensors down 5/8" tube to their final resting spot. The HOBO's will be set to take a sample once an hour.

    I bring back pictures of the planting...


  • Maine Doug_21
    Maine Doug_21 Member Posts: 16
    ME, speaking of HOBO's

    we take a reseach person out in the boat to marine collection devices in the bay. About once a month the collection pads get changed and guess what is in the water for temperature measurement-- HOBO's. Attached to the anchor lines with zip ties. Amazing little devices.
  • Cool tools!

    I've seen and worked with other data loggers, and for the price and applications potentials (explosive, wet, hazardous etc) HOBO is the best.

    Here's the works in a can.

    Now, all we can do is wait.


  • Funny thing ...

    You and I think alike Weezy. "If it EVER leaks, how ya gonna get to it?" These kids today think more in terms of "If someone takes a picture of this, how can I make it look real cool?"

    I drew something out on paper by hand that would have made future access a snap, but it either got lost in the wind of conversation, or I got overridden by the majority rule, which my guys are empowered to do. I suspect that on this job, my message was not relayed because the person I gave it too ended working on the physical plant inside the building, and was not in constant touch with the ground crew.

    Que serah serah serah (Spanch for "Huh? whatever, whatever, whatever...")

    My suggestion attached...

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