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Your Experiences With HI-velocity and Ductless systems please...

Ductless plit systems are definitely something you would want to add to your repertoire as they are minimally invasive and, as a matter of point, are becoming more and more popular to the lay population given the increase in television advertising dollars that are being pumped into these products.

It would be a shame turning down work when custimers reequest a particular piece of equipment and we can't deliver.

Although it seems like a drawback (pain in the butt) to some, some of the manufacturer's are providing large, overly detailed installation manuals with their products, making it easier for those new to this aspect of the indistry to hop right on board.

Also check for manufacturers training classes that are popping up all over.


  • Boilerpro_5
    Boilerpro_5 Member Posts: 407
    Looking to expand into this AC market

    and would like to hear your experiences with different brands of Hi velocity systems for cooling and also Ductless Split systems. To me, both these systems offer substancial benefits over "standard" ducted systems. Hi velocity: much better dehumidification and better comfort (= better efficeincy) and ductless...quicker, less evasive installation, no problems with flamespread and smoke through ductwork, no hacked up structural members that are supposed to act as firestops, no open stud bays that compromise fire integrity of the building, and inherently better efficiency (elimination of indoor blower power use and the extra cooling it requires). I also understand that multiple indoor units of a variety of sizes can now be supplied by a single outdoor unit, making zoning very easy.


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  • John MacGregor_3
    John MacGregor_3 Member Posts: 31
    Hi velocity & ductless

    We have used both Unico and SpacePack. I was very disappointed in our first Unico job to find out after the installation that their 3 ton unit did not put out 36,000 BTUs, but only 27,000 BTUs. I don't know why they haven't had their asses sued by someone for false advertising.We have had good luck with Space Pack.
    We have also had good luck with Mitsubishi ductless and they have some really interesting configurations.
    Good luck
  • ditto

    Pretty much the same here although we've recently installed Fujitsu Inverter systems as well as the Mits. The Fuji units were easier to install (simplified wiring) and their SEER ratings are currently higher.

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  • Jaitch
    Jaitch Member Posts: 68

    Installed a Spackpak in my first home, which was a one story bungalow with a half-finished attic. Burned thru hole saw blades in the plaster ceilings, but the trunk went in easily, and the system worked incredibly well. (I followed the manufacturers instructions VERY closely). When I sold the home I got the installation cost PLUS out of the system that I had run for several years!

    I really believe the claims about increased dehumidification, not so much because they said so, but because I experienced it!

    The standard AC system in my curent home dosen't do nearly as well as the spacepack in my first home!

    Hope this helps!

  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    My advice when it comes to high velocity..... take your perspective client to see/hear one in operation. Having installed both Unico and Spacepak, I will say that high velocity cooling operates at a higher noise level than standard systems (if both are installed correctly). That may or may not be an issue. I love the flexibilty and invisibility they offer.

    Ductless systems are wonderful in their perspective applications. Again, linesets all over the house on multiple set-ups may or may not be an issue.

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