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Mothballing boiler for the summer?

Al Letellier_9
Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
Leave it alone except for this. Do the annual maintenance, cleaning and testing as soon as you shut it down. It will prevent moisture getting into the soot and will prevent corrosion. A clean boiler will start up better in the fall. Doing any maintenance and repairs now will save you and your service company time in the fall. Make sure that low water cutoff gets properly clean. Take it apart, clean it and put back together with new gaskets. This should be, but is rarely done on an annual basis.


  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
    Mothballing boiler for the summer?

    Now that the heating season is coming to an end, what should I do to my WM-55 boiler for the summer? Drain it? Skim it? Fill it to the brim? Leave the skim tapping open? Or should I just leave it alone till the fall?

    (Edited to add: The system is one pipe steam, my DHW is supplied by a separate gas fired 40gal water heater, and the boiler is Natural Gas.)

    Thanks in advance!
  • Chris_82
    Chris_82 Member Posts: 321

    To be perfectly clear, as Al has indicated is to clean the soot and flue passegways, not the water in the boiler, I would say leave the h20 alone, and absolutly do not drain it. Not only do's draining them create massive rust leading to holes, you run the risk of someone dry firing the unit.
  • Frenchie
    Frenchie Member Posts: 113

    He states in the original post this is a natural gas boiler. Hopefully it isn't getting any soot in it.......Though anything is possible!
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