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the $50.00 Electro-static filters or the replaceable pleaded filters. Having heard a reduced air flow with the electro-static type. what im trying to say is what is the best filter for a a/c only return filter


  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    Define Electrostatic

    If you mean the "traditional" voltage type such as by Honeywell, which require an actual electrical connection, we call them by another name: Ozone Generators.

    Got shedding cats and dogs? You will hear more snapping than at a Smokey Robinson and the Miracles concert.

    Low pressure drop, I will grant you that. But the ozone produced has a distinctive smell which may be objectionable and can decay rubber products rapidly. Elastic bands and Primary-Barrier Contraceptive Devices are the first casualties.

    Do you mean the passive type? The kind that attracts dust the way the cellophane from a CD-ROM wrapper clings to your hand? They are "ok". What they both have in common is that, as they become loaded, they become insulated, hence less efficient.

    Personally, the newer models of deep-pleated disposables I like. You can select for optimum pressure drop and efficiency. I prefer to have a less-efficient pre-filter (which can be of the passive electrostatic type of course) to prolong the life of the more expensive downstream filter.
  • Ken D._3
    Ken D._3 Member Posts: 18

    The electrostatic type that would directly replace the standard 1" filter (I'm thinking non- electric Newtron or Dust Free type) are much better than the glass fiber type, but not as good as the better Honeywell or Trion Electronic Air Cleaners or larger pleated type such as RP Spaceguard or Trion Air Bear. The said electrostatic (Dust Fee) do have a large resistance to airflow. That can be a problem in inadequate duct systems. They must be washed regularly. The 1" pleated are also better than a standard glass filter, but not as good as it's electrostatic counterpart. The pressure drop is not bad, but gets worse as it loads up. The larger electronic Air Cleaners are much more efficient and do a better job of removing smoke. They do have a lower pressure drop, but do produce small amounts of ozone that will be increased as the airflow decreases (dirty pre-filters, blower wheel or blower motor problem.) They have to be washed, which can be a pain and must be prefectly dry before re-energizing. Being mechanical, repairs will be needed from time to time along with the related expenses. They must be wired in. The better pleated such as Air Bear or Spaceguard are almost as efficient and easier to service. They are not as effective in removing smoke and pressure drop goes up as the thing loads up with dirt. You can make money by selling the refills. both the larger types must be adapted and installed in the ductwork at extra cost. All must be maintained to insure trouble free and efficient service. for the maximum efficiency, the duct mount EAC or Spaceguard pleated are best. For low cost, ease of service and low press. drop, the 1" pleats are my choice.
  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    Has anyone ever used

    Any pleated filters from American Air Filter? I'm getting some for my water-source heat pumps in my buildings, and the rep is going to lay a few on me for trial at my house. The residential line is carried by Lowe's from what I understand. Personally, I always like the smell of ozone from a trad electrostatic like the Honeywell.
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440

    was a pioneer in disposable pleated filters for many years. Flanders, Cambridge-Farr (Cam-Farr) also make excellent filters. All offer a wide range from your standard 20% 1" pleateds to ULPA's.

    Choose wisely, not just on pressure drop but what it is you are trying to filter out. Even with a 1" pleated in the rack, a cheap-o see-through hardware store grade pre-filter will prolong the life of the next filter downstream, especially if there are cats and dogs running around.
  • rob_26
    rob_26 Member Posts: 57

    I was refering to the passive type filter it seems to clean better but at what cost, considering the pressure drop. I in fact have cats as well a dog not to mention 4 kids. I did use the pletted type. I am thinking about using them again would that be a better idea?
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