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Adjusting Flow Check Valves

Mike Lampkin_2
Mike Lampkin_2 Member Posts: 124
I'm curious to find out if most manufacturers flow checks are built to the same specs or not. I have come across some that are tricky to adjust. When the flow check is turned down too tightly it won't open when the circ starts and when turned up too much the flow check allows gravity leakage. It's hard to find the sweet spot where you know that it is right on. What are your preferrences for flow checks? Thanks.


  • John@Reliable_14
    John@Reliable_14 Member Posts: 171
    I didn't know they were .....................

    adjustable? I was always told to turn them down for normal operation,to avoid "gravity leakage" and to open them if there was a power failure, for gravity flow. This worked well years ago due to the large water content of the boilers, but today with new equipment it's a waste of time, due to what little water content there is. As far as brand,I've used both B&G and Taco both with good results.
  • Mike Lampkin_2
    Mike Lampkin_2 Member Posts: 124
    Thanks John..

    I should have not used the term adjustable,but rather turn down. I have found that some of the flow checks (Watts) use a stop or lock nut at the bottom of the valve. When the valve is turned up or opened and then turned back down, sometimes causes the nut to also turn which makes the weighted valve sit down too tight and doesn't let proper flow through the valve.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    If I remember correctly

    Flow checks are either open or enabled. When in the proverbial open position the inner weight is manually open on the inlet of the valve allowing flow. When the flow check is enabled, setting the lever in the direction of flow the inner weight sits on the inlet of the flow check and should not allow gravity flow. It may need a cleaning or new flow check.

    Mike T.
  • Mike Lampkin_2
    Mike Lampkin_2 Member Posts: 124
    Circs with built-in flow checks

    Many of the new circulators are now coming with built-in flow checks.What are your thoughts on comparing external flow checks versus built-in checks?Thanks
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