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AC start-up checklist

Wow, that's thorough. Thanks much!


  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397
    AC start-up checklist

    Do you have a service tech check-list for starting up AC systems for the season? I've asked a couple equipment distributors and they don't--but think it's a good idea. Thought you might.
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    Yes, we do have a checklist. It saves a lot of time in paperwork when done correctly and keeps you from forgetting anything. I'll send it in checklist form, I hope the computer formats it as such.

    Replace or clean air filters.
    Check indoor and outdoor coils and clean if necessary.
    Clean and check condensate pan lines and/or pump Incl. check valve.
    Add mildewcide if needed.
    Check condensate pump and/or pan secondary safety switches.
    Replace belt if applicable.
    Clean blower wheel if necessary.
    Lubricate motors if applicable.
    Amp out motors and compresssor.
    Check motor and blower bearings.
    Check integrity of cabinets and ductwork.
    Paint accumulator and rusted parts.
    Be sure all dampers, registers and returns are open.
    Check relays and contactors.
    Check electric supply and draw.
    Check electric wiring for cracks or chafing.
    Check elec. connections for tightness.
    Check pressure switches.
    Check temperature switches.
    Check all safeties.
    Check reversing valve if applicable.
    Check refrigerant level(pressures and temperatures.
    Check pressure drop across driers if applicable.
    Check temperature splits.
    Check thermostat calibration, level and operation.
    Clean debris from OD unit and advise customer if shrubs are overgrown around unit.
    Take five to ensure all panels, grilles, guards, disconnects and switches are on, thermostat is set properly and there are no leaks.
    Get service ticket signed, collect for any charges, advise customer of any problems, and answer any customer questions.
  • radmix
    radmix Member Posts: 194
    older a/c system

    I was asked to install two outdoor units to an old a/c install. air handelers were installed 15 years ago with A coil in duct work never used. Line sets, t-stat wire, and line voltage wires ran to the outside of building 15 years ago and never hooked up. the ends of line sets are not taped and exposed to elements. original filters still in unit. would you think line sets and A coil that has never seen a filter still usable.
  • Bob Doornbos
    Bob Doornbos Member Posts: 1
    A/C Start Up - C&C

    When you take the time to do the job right including
    necessary cleaning, how do you market your sevices?
    The $XX.00, or whatever the going advertised rate in
    your area is, does not make it. We are advertising C&C's
    Starting at $XX to leave the door open for additional
    charges. Sorry,That's not a tech issue.
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    It pays to bump

    How about superheat and subcooling? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Jim Bergmann_4
    Jim Bergmann_4 Member Posts: 1
    Check list

    This is what I put together, I have an updated PDF file that follows the check sheet exactly as I have made it. I will up load it in the next few days. The checksheet I attached can be edited if desired, it is a word file.

    Jim Bergmann
    HVAC/R Technical Specialist
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