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How much vibration+ noise is normal for newDV CI boiler?

Ray Landry_3
Ray Landry_3 Member Posts: 94
I'm not very familar with this particular boiler, but if the boiler has a sheet metal burner cover over the front of it with an 'x'brace across it, the 'x' may not be deep enough and could be causing harmonic noises. A test is to place your hand over the metal cover (there will probably be a sight glass as well on this cover) if the noise is reduced or stops, you need a new cover. the buderus GA series boiler has done this to me in the past. Another possible solition would be to install rubber coated pipe hangers on the pipes leading to the baseboard heat.

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  • Lee_8
    Lee_8 Member Posts: 19
    How much noise+ vibration is normal for a new DV CI boiler?

    We had a new American made Direct vent CI boiler and indirect installed by a reputable professional this fall. It replaced a near 40 year old CI atmospheric boiler. The new boiler seems to induce a vibrating sound through the fin tube that is very annoying when the house is quiet. Never had the problem with the atmospheric, it doesn't occur on circulator only but does occur when vent motor is on. Even when the only demand is for the indirect.

    We have worked with heating pro and mfg rep, they installed a replacement fan that had a differnt mounting than original. It reduced the vibration but it still persists. We have been told that is the nature of the beast. How noisy or quiet should one of these be ?

  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170
    Make and Model #

    Would help you get better answers on the problem .
  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    what type of direct vent? Balanced combustion or power venter? need more info.
  • Jerry_15
    Jerry_15 Member Posts: 379

    Sounds like you might have a honking big pump trying to wear the copper off the pipes. Check the delta-t. 10 or below I bet. It would be most noticeable when the boiler was firing(fan on). Could also be not enough flow, boiler going to steam, again check the del T Fan noise alone shouldn't transfer to the piping. Good luck.
  • Ramsey_2
    Ramsey_2 Member Posts: 1
    vibration & noise

    In this day of direct venting,it is hard to understand what is normal, and what to except from a new system you are unsure of right out of the box. A direct vent boiler should be as quite as your old system, and in most cases even more so.
    Jerry had a very good point that is normally over looked, your System Pump could be over sized. I also wounder if your burner is set up correctly. Vibrations and noises need to be tracked down to what part of your heating system is making them. A good technician should be able to tell you if it is in the piping system, or in the combustion process. You need to find this out first, before you try and fix the problem. One of the biggest issues I find inspecting new systems is that some one has just taken the burner out of the box and installed it in the appliance with the understanding that the manufacturer has set it up for his/her installation. This is so not the case at all, and normally the settings are just close enough to get the unit to fire so you can fine tune it on site to meet the application.
  • Lee_8
    Lee_8 Member Posts: 19

    Its a taco 007 , serving two heating zones via zone valves. The the old system had 2 of these which replace old B&G units. It has a spiro vent as well but was not set up pumping away, I asked the install tech about why not and he said it didn't really matter...

    What I have noticed is there is that the noise and vibration are confined to the down stairs radiationin even if the upstairs is the only one demanding heat. Additionally the when circulating only the system is very quiet, no gurgling or air induced sounds. You can feel the vibration in the main pipe frpm the boiler leading to the zone valve.

    This has been frustrating us for over 6 months the installation company basiclly said thats the way it is after the install. I escalated it to the mfg rep , who responded to a post here, he got the vent fan mfg rep inviolved and they observed the system and noise and replace the vent motor with a newer design where the motor mounts to the mounting bracket. We still get noise.

    The best fix was when the mfg rep wedged a 4" scrap of paint stiring stick between the vent motoor and the frame.

    I am thinking I should have gone with the 82% atmospheric and forgone the rebates for the energy star , 85%, direct vent sealed combustion unit.

    Or better yet got a Vitogas 50 or 100, though they may have been oversized for my home.

  • Jerry_15
    Jerry_15 Member Posts: 379

    the007 certainly shouldn't be over-pumping, but while any fan makes noise, transfering through to the pipe is a new one on me. Stainless steel flex connectors come in all sizes for just that purpose. I've used that boiler, and serviced a few and never seen this problem. Good luck.
  • Lee_8
    Lee_8 Member Posts: 19
    i think I wil try...

    The coated boiler hangers. It worked on one of the pipes to some degree. I like the idea of the SS flex pipe. similar to what is used between a car's exhaust manifold and the exhaust sytem. Water is alos a grat medium for sound transmition.
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