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Heat loss/heat gain software

Brad White_9
Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
is what I use for most projects. Carriers "HAP" (Hourly Analysis Program) is what my company uses as a default but I find it a tad cumbersome and robust in ways I do not need. (I see it as an energy modelling program that also does heat loss and gain calculations, rather than the other way around). Still, it works or we would not use it.

My work revolves around the commercial/institutional variety so I rely on ASHRAE CLTD and RTS methods, whereas most small commercial and residental programs rely on ACCA Manual J and derivatives. Outputs are similar in the end, equal inputs being assumed. The ASHRAE is perhaps more detailed and takes into account mass and time which are more germaine to larger buildings.

The WrightSoft suite I am liking more and more having seen some of the reports and outputs. It is an ACCA Manual J based system from what I understand.

WrightSoft is an integrated suite that also can help run your business from what I understand, with proposals and other overhead type paperwork.

Nothing for MACs though; all Windows-based it seems.

For standard heat losses, in reality, a good Excel spreadsheet is hard to beat. When you do cooling calculations (modelling external hourly occurances and the big one, solar and transfer through mass), that a real program becomes essential to be efficient.

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  • Blackoakbob
    Blackoakbob Member Posts: 252
    Heat losss /Heat gain software

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times but would you give me a hint at the most popular and simple-to-operate brand thats out there? I use the freebee from Slanfin but I would like to add a couple what ifs and also have a good heat gain without having to re-enter the specs.
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  • The Wire Nut
    The Wire Nut Member Posts: 420
    You might want to look into HVAC-Calc

    It's well suited towards the air-side of the business. Here is my review of HVAC-Calc. If you ever plan to do more things with your program, like laying out ducts, pipe, etc. then the Wrightsoft suite might be a better starting point.

    Whereas Wrightsoft is expandable, offers many modules to suit particular needs (for $$$, of course), the HVAC-Calc program comes in but two flavors: Residential and Commercial. Plus, from my experience, the author of HVAC-Calc can be a bit grumpy if you have a technical support question that he doesn't know how to answer.

    I recommend trying out as many programs as you can lay your hands on and see which is easiest for you to use. After all, unless it's easy to use, useful, and a timesaver, you're probably going to stop using it, right?
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  • What about Horgan's OmniCalc? Any yays or nays on that one?
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