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Performance of hyrdonic baseboard

rox Member Posts: 23
Should it make a difference whether hydronic baseboard has the front cover on or not? I have typical 3/4" slant fin baseboard installed in a room with a solid floor (plenty of air circulating). I recently took the front covers off and I dont know if it's my imagination but it seems like the heat output is lower. I realize it wont be as focused, but the time to raise the temp in the room seems to have gone up. Any insight? Thanks.


  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790

    The enclosure directs air through the heating element, and if the cover is missing, the output will be reduced. Why remove the front panels?
  • Brad White_171
    Brad White_171 Member Posts: 22
    Andrew is correct.

    When you remove the front panel it is like taking off the side of your chimney and expecting to maintain draft. You need to channel the air through the element, not bounce off it.

    If you look at fin tube charts, particularly those in the commercial line (which have taller enclosures, such as 12", 18", 22" and taller), a given element will have increased output with increased height, all other things being equal. The taller chimney forces more air over the element, simply.
  • rox
    rox Member Posts: 23

    Thanks gents, makes sense. I took them off because some of the lovely rain we recently had in the northeast decided to take up residence in my basement. To make it easier to rip up the carpet I took the covers off the baseboard. Cranked the heat to help dry things out and it didnt work too well!
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