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Cliplight leak sealant

Posted this message on the general message board a week ago. It was reccomended that I re post in this message board. Any expierence with this? Thank you.

I was wondering if anyone has used cliplight leak sealant or a similar product for sealing refrigeration leaks and does it work? I personally have never used this type of product and am rather nervous about it. I have one customer who would like me to use this product on his 5 ton split system, although I told him this would not be a 100 percent assured repair. I have talked to a refrigeration contractor who has used a similar product on a 404A walk in unit. He stated that the lineset was very difficult to get to and the injected sealant he used was formulated for 404a and it worked perfectly. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • Greg_40
    Greg_40 Member Posts: 43

    I think most of us will agree that only 2 compounds belong in a refrigerant system. Refrigerant and oil. To contradict myself, I have used the Cliplight product, but in very few instances and have had 100% luck so far. I have only used them when we could not absolutely find a leak or it was in an unreasonable location to fix. Only used it in split AC sytems and also only in older units that "if I kill it, no real loss, it's better years were behind it anyway" attitude and not worth spending a lot of time trying to fix a difficult to access leak. I was nervous at first and would only use it with the previous attitude in mind. My supplier said it was a great way to fix those small nuisance leaks and guess I have to agree now. It's definitely not my first line of defense and I have only used it on older R-22 units, so can't tell any success stories in other systems.
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