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Boiler over fills with water

Peter Fazzi
Peter Fazzi Member Posts: 3
I seem to be always taking water out of boiler to normal level! I know this when pipes bang and lack of heat from steam boiler.

I have check the auto fill and it works fine and seals! Could it be a sticky bleeder valve on pipe or radiator!!!!

Any ideas



  • rob brown
    rob brown Member Posts: 69

    peter, first, is there a domestic water coil in the boiler? they develop pin holes and fill up your boiler. if not that then you probobly have clogged returns,once the water starts steaming out of the boiler,the feeder does its job and maintains a safe water line. then when the return finally comes back you end up with a flooded boiler. rob
  • Peter Fazzi
    Peter Fazzi Member Posts: 3

    domestic water coil u speak of the hot water coil?? Sorry but not sure of names I call as I see!!!

    I have tilted all radiators and made sure all lines half slope back to boiler -

    I know I will get it resolved one way or another
  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117

    Rob is talking about a hot water coil.If your boiler produces hot water as well as heat , a coil or heat exchanger could leak water in to the boiler.But first you should check out other more common causes first.. Faulty low water cut off,manual feed valves ,auto feed valves or partly plugged returns lines..
  • Peter Fazzi
    Peter Fazzi Member Posts: 3

  • Tom M
    Tom M Member Posts: 4
    same problem

    Need a little lesson


    I am not familiar with steam boilers. My sis has one that is always full and needs to be emptied. She has a ball valve from the hot water side of the water heat that she lets water into the boiler when its low and a drain on the boiler itself when its too full. The problem is she never puts water in and it is always over full. So I was told that the automatic water feed may be bad. This confuses me since the ball valve on the water heater that is feeding the unit is always off unless you let new water flow in. Whats the point of an automatic water feed? Is it likely that the ball valve leaks steady water into the boiler and the automatic water feed is also bad? Another thing I found odd was that the water was fed from the hot side through what looks like a water hammer to the boiler only to be heated again. Is it all the same? Does that matter?
  • Nick L. in Vt
    Nick L. in Vt Member Posts: 87
    You need a professional

    It sounds like it is time you and your heating professional got down to business and have the critical components of your system identified and explained to you, the owner of said equiptment. the care and maintenence of a steam heating system is your responsibility. if a safety is not maintained, we techs will be happy to replace a system that fails, but worse situations are possible. become a informed steam plant owner.They call me "Hot Pipe"
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