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soot and ash in house

Leo Member Posts: 770
If this is a JOT and is cold start or turned off in the summer the concrete like substance that builds up will grow over time and reduce the over fire draft. It takes water washing to bring it back and setting it up to warm start will keep it clean. If not cold start disregard. If another model the right person can fix it.



  • Nick W
    Nick W Member Posts: 200
    soot and ash in house

    I have a peerless oil burner that I am constantly getting soot and ash puff backs into the house, Do I need a new furnace or is there some how to fix the problem? The unit is about 23 years old, serviced once a year, always maintained.Any help would be appreciated.
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    Uhhhh, Carey

    "serviced once a year, always maintained" and puffing back like that?


    No oil burner that is properly maintained should behave like that.

    Since your current wrench-turners can't fix the problem, you need someone who can. Try the Find a Professional page of this site. If you're in the Baltimore area, contact us.

    If your Peerless boiler is one of the JO model series, that series did have some issues when used with certain burners. A real pro can fix you up.

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  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,541

    were certain JOT's in the 1985 time frame that were tight.If so a higher static burner can overcome the restriction. Soot is not normal and should not be present. Something is wrong.

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    To learn more about this professional, click here to visit their ad in Find A Contractor.
  • Nick W
    Nick W Member Posts: 200

    THe burner was installed in 85 and it is a JOTW series. Anybody in the NY, eastern end of long island around. Thanks for the input.
  • jg2700_2
    jg2700_2 Member Posts: 2

    the jot around 1985 86 had a bad block design very tight.i do remember at one time they would give you a new block to replace the bad block.not sure if peerles is still offering that.but if not give that baby a good cleaning and throw a riello burner in that puppy and all should be good. jg.
  • Lurkin' Murkin'
    Lurkin' Murkin' Member Posts: 136
    Grip and rip...

    Weren't "soot saws" invented just for this boiler model?
  • Nick W
    Nick W Member Posts: 200

    thanks for all the info. I contacted the sales rep for peerless in the long island area, and he is to get back to me. Thanks everyone for all the post, I greatly appreicate it. I just hope I can get this repaired, and not need a new burner. Thanks again. Carey
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    The last time this much soot and ash

    was reported inside a house was by Pliny the Elder in 79 A.D.

    His last words were, if I recall correctly, "Quis f@%k eram ut?"
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