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Condensate Pump Problem

HydroMan Member Posts: 14
I have a duplex condensate pump problem!! The receiver tank continues to fill up, the float switch kicks the pump on, but the pump does not discharge any water from the tank. It appears that there is air getting between the pump discharge and the discharge check valve. I have taken off the flush line between the pump discharge and pump and air escaped through this line for a few seconds before water started coming out. After this, the pump removed the water from the tank with no problem, but it continues to have this problem. What could be the source of the air getting in the discharge line? Any ideas would be of great help.


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
    Some Thoughts

    That is an odd one in that the discharge side of the pump is the highest system pressure point. Unless the pump is running backwards.

    Could it be that your wiring polarity is reveresed? Even so you would still move some water albeit very inefficiently and a fraction of normal. I am only on conjecture here but if you did open the bleeder the normal water level pressure would fill that void.

    Has this started suddenly? What is your condensate temperature? (Thinking flash here but not terribly likely if the receiver is vented.)

    Being a duplex, is it staged such that both pumps run or the second kicks in at a secondary level? Does this occur on both pumps?

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  • oil-2-4-6-gas
    oil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    check your level on the switch --its probably set too low causing the pump to run dry --common issue
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