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insulation for pextron piping

Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
I'm getting ready to move some heating and plan to pipe it using pextron piping. The piping will be routed above the ceiling through the floor joist in an unheated garage. The joists are 12" apart. I'm using insulation around the piping between the joist, but was wondering if I need to add insulation around the piping going through the joists. If so, can I just pack the spacing between the piping and the joists with fiberglass insulation? The piping will be in the ceiling in the garage (unheated) in Connecticut. Thanks for the advice!


  • Contractor
    Contractor Member Posts: 41

    Yea you should be fine packing the insualtion right up and around the tubing. Make sure if it runs against an outside wall that it doesnt run along the outside of it but rather the inside with the insualtion packed around it. Installation manual says there is no need to wrap the pipe if it is fully encased by insulation.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,844
    I prefer to

    to use the Armaflex without the slit.

    I slide the pieces on as I thread the tube thru the joists. You will need a larger hole, make sure the joist size can accomodate it. Keep the hole near the top so batts can be installed below the tube. But always leave 2" of wood above the hole. Hard to over insulate :)

    hot rod
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  • Contractor
    Contractor Member Posts: 41

    yeah i use armaflex on areas that may see some extreme lows. gets pricey if there are alot of lines but i guess a flooded ceiling might get pricer :p
    I also noticed in the original post rob that you mentioned packing the insualtion in. keep it as fluffy as possible, you take away from the performance of the insualtion when you compact it down. what fiberglass does is create a dead air space which is a great insulator. so just pushing it up and around the pipe is better than jamming and stuffing it in there.
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