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Water -- our best friend

Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
Less than 2% of ALL the water on the face of the earth is readily available for human consumption without the benefit of pretreatment. And that number is shrinking a LOT faster than anyone ever thought possible...

Water conservation is a way of life, and we ALL should be practicing it, regardless of our location.



  • John R. Hall
    John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
    Reminding customers

    I don't think there is any doubt that our greatest resource is water. Our lives and our jobs, i.e. wetheads, depend on water. Maybe people take it for granted that fresh, clean, temperate water is always going to be there. I know it is so basic and possibly mundane to remind people to conserve and respect their water supply. Heck, last year, the first in our new (used) home, I didn't even use the underground sprinklers. It seems like such a waste of a resource. The grass survived, too.

    This year, it might be a good idea to let your customers know how important water is to them. Here is an opportunity to add an extra marketing tool to your business toolbox. Why not prepare some water conservation tips on a little 3 x 5 card, possibly color graphics or laminated with your company name and contact info on it. Then use it as a leave-behind when visiting customers. It is a little thing but it could make a big difference in saving our most precious resource and showing customers that your business really cares.
  • Dave_4
    Dave_4 Member Posts: 1,405
    Time to trash the cookies...

    THere is only room for ONE Brad White in this world... Sorry for the digital accident pal...

  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955

    I NEVER water my grass, and I have the greenest lawn inthe neighborhood!! wasn't 8 years ago, but the grass roots are now so deep, they survive by themselves.

    My neighbors are envious (and in truth I could care less..they are SOOOoooo competitive)

    they water, fertilize, weed n feed, dethatch, aerate..I cut and roll it...bdbdbd dats all folks.

    Takes time but your grass will be better, stronger, and you save H2O, and $$$$

  • less than

    1/2 of 1% is readily available for potable water. Here in the US, underground aquifers are being depleted in many areas, resulting in subsidence of wide-spread areas. We irrigate in the corn belt using above-ground sprinklers - the least efficient and most wasteful manner utilized for watering crops - yet the one our government subsidizes! That area of the country is headed for another dust bowl & one that will be man-made & not go away. The Colorado River multi-state water use agreement is based on full-flow conditions and not on drought conditions - meaning there isn't normally enough flow to support the agreement once each state draws out the maximum amount. In Arizona, there is an aquifer that became polluted from gases – not liquids – from a landfill. Farmers in some areas have discovered it is more lucrative to sell the water rights instead of farming. Meanwhile, there’s no regulation to prevent overdrawing the aquifer over which their land sits.

    There are rivers that no longer reach the ocean. In Asia there was a region that was the largest producer of grain in the world – until they depleted the aquifers. No grain is produced there any longer – they now import all grain. In many third-world countries, women & children spend most of every day in efforts to gather enough potable water to survive. The men do not help.

    Wars, in the future, will be fought over drinking water, not oil.

    At The World Solar Congress, held in Florida a few years ago, the theme was Bringing Water to the World. The world’s pending water crisis was detailed by speakers from many countries – including the US.
  • jp_2
    jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935
    only what you need!!!!

    I use about 1 gallon a day. i carry all my water in, so I know what i use. dogs use about 3 gallons a day. plus that saturday night one gallon sponge bath.

    have a composting toilet- no water.

    any cooking water goes into dog food.

    i think i do my part.

  • artesia
    artesia Member Posts: 2
    hydronic w

    > Less than 2% of ALL the water on the face of the

    > earth is readily available for human consumption

    > without the benefit of pretreatment. And that

    > number is shrinking a LOT faster than anyone ever

    > thought possible...


    > Water conservation is a

    > way of life, and we ALL should be practicing it,

    > regardless of our location.


    > ME

  • artesia
    artesia Member Posts: 2
    hydronic with tankless

    we are building a new 1900sf rambler house, will be hydronic heat (wirsbo tubes in 1.5" lightweight) 3 or 4 zones, propane. One recommendation has been 75gal HWT to provide heat for both domestic and hydronic (not mixed). Curious about using tankless (noritz, ambassdor by embassy,eternal hybrid?, etc.) for higer efficiency and possibly use a 50 gal storage tank. any experience or thoughts?
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    That's OK Mark

    When posting the last few days, I came up as, well, let's just say I felt like a Judy Garland impersonator in a Fire Island Cabaret. People I never heard about and what is worse, some threads were bookmarked that I never even read before.... yeesh.

    (The Real) Brad
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    You should really

    post this as a New Thread... :)
  • Lurkin' Murkin'
    Lurkin' Murkin' Member Posts: 136

    So what's the secret to the deep roots - Aeration?
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    all I did

    was NOT use a sprinkler..When you do the roots stay near the surface because that is where the water will be. (so sayeth my neighbors lawn maintenance guy)

    Because I dont water mine, the root system goes deeper in search of sustenance.

    My lawn is greener. Is already green in fact due to some warmer than usual weather this march, stays green longer in the scorching summer air, and later in the fall.

    I have never done anything special other than I roll it in the spring and fall, cut it and I use herbicide in April so the grass gets a jump on the weeds, and I have a nice lawn.

  • jackchips_2
    jackchips_2 Member Posts: 1,338
    This post

    wasn't funny enough to be the REAL Brad.

    Who are you, ou, ou, ou, ou.

    "Gill, who is this guy impersonating Brad".

    "Sorry Jack, it is Brad from the DNA. He may have lost it but you have given him an opening and lets see if he can make you laugh".

    "Thanks, Gill".

  • when there's no water, then

    When there's no water, then there's no sheet of ice, means no hockey :(
  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson Member Posts: 174
    like solar

    I think all houses should be either built or retrofitted with solar hot water panels of some kind and rainwater collection systems. So easy to do and would collectively save billions of dollars and precious resources every year. Let's drop a few less bombs on foreigners and use the savings to create tax incentives for building contractors and homeowners to do the installations right here at home.

    ...end of rant.
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