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Brad White_9
Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
It all gets down to how much iron (square feet) is at temperature in the ambient of the room. Of course that which is not fully hot but still warmer than the room will still give off some heat...

If the radiator is not hot all the way across, it could be venting or just happenstance that the system cycles off on pressure or temperature and the space is still warm. As you said, the space is warm enough ("plenty hot") then is there really a problem?

I would replace the tenant before I replaced the radiator, or at least replace her thick head. :)


  • mike jones_2
    mike jones_2 Member Posts: 92
    big radiator

    will you get the same amount of heat from a big radiatior half filled with steam compared to a small one exactly half the size but fully filled with steam?

    we have a thick headed tenant who keeps complaing that the radiator is not all the way hot all the way thru

    but since the appartment is plenty hot i am thinking about getting a much smaller radiator for her
  • mike jones_2
    mike jones_2 Member Posts: 92
    big radiator hot half the way thru

    that was really funny. Somehow i never got to read your reply until now. unfourtinately we are in ny and it would be illegal to replace the tenant or there head given the current rent laws.
    anyhow I think the previous owner replaced this room with way too big a radiator and the system satasfies the building including this room before this one radiator is fully hot all the way thru.
    so i think what you are saying is if its the same amount of heat eiter way, i should get a radiator half this size to replace the big one that gets hot only half way the way across.

    then the room should get the same amount of heat , she will have a hot radiator and she can find someone else to annoy. whaddyathink?
  • aphco
    aphco Member Posts: 13

    Make your life easier. Is the room at a comfortable temperature? If yes, then there is no problem that needs solving!! If no, try installing a vent that will vent faster.
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