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A Suggestion for Tekmar

Harold Member Posts: 249
How about a way to use TN4 with fewer wires for use in older installs. I wanted TN 4 but one wire short.


  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Work NOW to develop a controller for a variable speed primary (or system) circulator for a mod-con!!! Once you have the proper logic there won't be any problem adapting such for any VS circulator or mod-con.

    Even in the early 1990s I'm sure I recall manufacturers saying there was "no way" we'd ever have a "universal" remote control because there were FAR too many individual systems used.

    What's wrong with having the installer quite literally telling the controller that I'm "using this boiler with this circulator"? If boiler/circulator is NOT supported then allow manual entry of the required paramenters or--if they're lazy--an "update" chip...
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    We need Radiant Cooling control too.
  • Dan Foley
    Dan Foley Member Posts: 1,258
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    All of the above and

    a floaty thing for my pool capable of holding more than one drink.

    Would be nice if it had a palm tree on it too.


    Mark H

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  • Rudnae
    Rudnae Member Posts: 47
    How about the tekmar 356?

    I'm not sure but the 356 can handle variable speed, could it be used on a primary loop?

  • and control for variable speed cooling systems so the heat/cool thermostats can actually run the cooling systems most people are using....
  • you forgot

    a person to keep refilling your drink so you can stay in the pool.

    Didn;t I introduce that person to you at some Wetstock somewhere???


  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Some day Wieland!

    I have to admit, I would have done EXACTLY the same thing given the opportunity.

    Thank GOD there are no photos of that.

    That was a good one bud!

    Mark H

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  • Ted_5
    Ted_5 Member Posts: 272
    Look at

    HBX Controls. They can do 2 stages of cooling and heating on their ECO-1000 control and 2 more stages with each EXP-0100 you add on for a total of 14 stages.

  • mikea23
    mikea23 Member Posts: 224

    How about a simple stat with no program that is floor sensor ready just up down control. Then maybe I wont have to spend the first 3 days of heating season going to old jobs just to explain how they work. Almost half the homes I put tekmar stats in they complain about. I have even had people demand I take them out

    Mike A
  • [Deleted User]
    Trust me when I say...

    I have asked people in extremely high places at tekmar, for MANY years to do exactly that, to no avail....

    I suspect that they are either going to introduce something in the near future, or they already have (Taco) and would be in a patent violation if they were to bring out thier own.

    The frustrating thing is, I also spoke to a person of high stature at Taco about this, and lo and behold, they came out with it, albeit extremely limited in its application. The frustrating part is that didn't get a thing out of the deal. Not even a beta testing unit...

    I guess it will have to be another "donation" to the good of hydronic mankind on my part... Kind of like HR's spinning isoflange :-)

    Real soon though, WILO will have its Stratos ECO and others available in the U.S., and then it just won't matter any more...


  • I think they changed that recently. we complained about that too, but I *believe* all the new tekmar tstats are finally "push the button, change the temperature" instead of that STUPID temporary override that *some* of the tstats had... but not all. man, that was dumb... two tstats that look exactly the same in the same house, but one of them was a temporary change and one was permanent when you hit the arrows? drove me NUTS!!!
  • Geeze Mike

    The tekmar 508, 541, 542, 544, 545 stats are probably the most reliable and most loved t-stats I use in radiant applications. I sell more 508 stats for radaint then any other manufacture, and this is mostly by request of the contractors.

    Which stats are you using that your customers don't like?

  • mikea23
    mikea23 Member Posts: 224
    I like the stats

    The stats work great but the functions confuse the homeowners. I have no problem with them I even have them in my own home.

    Mike A
  • The Wire Nut
    The Wire Nut Member Posts: 420
    If it makes you feel any better...

    ... it drove me nuts also. Whoever came up with that UI suggestion should be taken out back, so irate customers can put a face to that "feature". At best, TempOvrRide should have been a "feature" that has to be enabled via the installer menu, rather than being enabled by default.

    ... speaking of neat features I'd like Tekmar to bring to the market, how about a small box that can handle a manifold and the Tekmar t-stats for microzoning and a 0-10VDC output for the VS pump that feeds the manifold. The installer sets and forgets the manifold response, the micro-controller ramps the pump speed up and down based on the number of zones calling for heat. No ΔP sensors, etc. required.
    "Let me control you"

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