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Anyone know where to find these??

Brad White_9
Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
Those older companies come to mind, not sure if they still have the patterns but the item seems timeless if not against code :)


  • chip_10
    chip_10 Member Posts: 15
    Cleanout Trap Covers

    Has anyone ran across these or know somewhere I can possible find them. I have looked for years for these but have had no luck. Wondering if anyone else has these or has found a good alternative to them. I have about 40 of these left that I still have to either cut out and replumb or find these cleanout covers for the traps so I may actually clean em out.

    Nickle or Chrome Finish

    Dimensions are 5"Round Thread Dia is 3.75"-16 and overall depth is .455"

    They were originally manufactured in 1916

    Any input is appreciated.

  • jim walls_3
    jim walls_3 Member Posts: 31
    cleanout cover for drum trap

    Chip, Brad

    I have seen these @ Menard's

    Brad, not sure where Chip is located, but in Ohio drum traps are illegal in our current code also,,,,,,,,have removed a few over the years,,,,,,,,,

  • amhplumb_2
    amhplumb_2 Member Posts: 62

    I don't think this trap is installed correctly in the first place! It appears as though the inlet is above the discharge draining into the 3" CI. How will an liquid be retained for a trap seal? For that matter, any solids to be cleaned out! The original reason for the post, locating the clean-out plugs. If I am correct, that it is incorrectly installed, the trap should be replaced and piped in properly. We always replace drum traps with P-traps anyway. With regards to a relacement C/O plug, I seem to remember way back of a "fits all" type repair lid for drum traps. It had a spring loaded contraption with tabs that caught below the trap's threads. Sort of a large toggle bolt concept. The new lid had a gasket to seal the top of the trap when it was tightened. I think they were made because drum trap lids were not standard sizes and because threads would get damaged. Check plumbing parts specialalty houses. Good Luck!
  • I think

    you would find the vertical portion of the lead extended into the larger "drum or bell", then the fixture drained into the side below the height of this, the screw-in top plug(brass) had an inverted cup that "hovered or towered" (usually integral), over the opening to this lead piece. They drained kinda like those old "siphon-flush" wall hung urinal tanks. I remember seeing these being in the floor beside bathtubs. Get a hole in the vertical piece of lead(or brass), within this "bell", or lose the cover, and your water seal was gone. Nice old lead work that appears(externally of course), to have stood the test of time.

  • amhplumb_2
    amhplumb_2 Member Posts: 62

    You learn something new everyday! I have seen many drum traps in my day, but never one of these! That makes sense though! When I began, there was a borough in our county that still required drum traps on any bathtubs above the first floor, this was what we referred to as the "old city code." Anyway, the journeyman that I was working with piped his in with the discharge below the inlet, and I did mine correctly. Usually the apprentice does something like that! That made me always remember to double check drum traps!
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