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Combining euro radiator with tube-fin baseboard

David Eh
David Eh Member Posts: 1
I want to add a Euro-style radiator from Runtal with a 1/2 NPT fittings (5'X6" baseboard style, 3000BTU) into a loop of a baseboard tube-fin system with 3/4" inch piping. The house has a total of four zones. Does this present any problems and what can I expect from my contractor for him to deal with it? Total loop run is approx 120'with approx 60' of fin-tube elements.


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398
    It sounds like you may already be over-extended

    Normally I do not like to see more than 30 feet of element on a 3/4" circuit; not an absolute, just a guideline. Your comfort is your guide. I have to assume some dis-satisfaction or why else would you be adding a unit? For that reason, I end this message with some other suggestions.

    If you pipe the Runtal in series, you want it last in line after the fin tube. The fin tube needs hotter water for best output.

    If it is at all possible can you pipe the Runtal in parallel or perhaps split the loop to increase output in each segment? Or to lessen the number of areas which may be uncomfortable?
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  • Chris_82
    Chris_82 Member Posts: 321

    Being close to the factory we have installed a number of Runtal units in various combinations and with a large number of configurations. Generally the worst we have encountered in the past is when on a large zone in a small room the room heats up quickly and the on time is very short for the larger runtal unit. And consideering the price and application...we have had to do some adjusting. Generally however the things work great regardless of what you do and stay warm for longer than the basboard sharing whatever zone they are on. So I say put them in and see what happens...not very precise but we have had good luck doing this. If you do pipe one in parallel, I would reccomend one of the appollo throtleing valves, despite the 1/2 inlets they can flow large amounts of water and may need to be slowed down a little. One of the great benifits isn't that they always heat the intended space in retro fit applications but the customer likes the warm feeling they get when they are near the units. As far as your contractor is concerend MAKE sure he/she knows that pre-planing with runtal is very important! You can't cut the stuff with a hacksaw.
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