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Upnor pro panel 201- is it worth the money

I don't know about this one in particular. Anyone? I generally think a panel is worth the money because it helps gets us organized both for installation and troubleshooting. And that can save so much time and frustration, which is worth money.


  • Kevin_54
    Kevin_54 Member Posts: 30
    Upnor pro panel 201- is it worth the money

    I was doing some research for a job and the customer mentioned the Upnor/Wirsbo pro panel 201. What are the advantages? Is it worth the money?
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    I think it is about who you are. If you are just getting started in Hydronics this panel may help out significantly. However if you are installing 2-3 projects a month I think you should stream line your own operation. We do the same thing Uponor does by having standard manifolds pre-fabed at the shop complete with control wiring.
  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
    Pre-built panels

    Based on what I have seen, these panels are not that useful for a smaller company that specializes in hydronics. It is far less expensive and it makes for a cleaner job to build custom panels in the shop.

    However, for operations that do not have enough skilled people to keep up with the workload or who have a highly seasonal workload, these panels make a nice standard somewhat fool-proof setup. Also one-man-band operations where the contractor cannot spare enough time to spend a couple days in the shop building a panel may have use for pre-built panels.

    If you sit down and price out the manufacturer's profit that must be in these panels, it really makes sense to build them yourself. Mod/con boilers are changing the face of these panels. The piping is now much simpler.

    Just my thoughts.
  • J.Prisby
    J.Prisby Member Posts: 6
    proPANELS - something to think about!

    As Uponor's Midwest Regional Field Tech I can tell you I have all kinds of contractors using them and for many reasons. Smart businessmen, one man shops, knowledgable installers, first time installers, you name it, and it all started by trying one. Every proPANEL comes with documentation, 2 year warranty on everything, and the factory support. We also know what it can and can not do, which is probably the biggest difference. In my training classes I pose the question, why not give your customer the option and let him/her make the decision? A proPANEL may not make sense on all your projects but it may make sense on a lot of them.

    Keep in mind the proPANEL 201 works great with a high temperature heat source. If you're using a low temerature heat source (ex. water heater, condensing boiler, geo thermal, etc...) the proPANEL 101 is the better match.

    J. Prisby
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