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Outdoor air vent in walk in Freezer?

hi the vent is for when you close the door the air has a place to go the vent should have a damper that only opens to let air out if its a major problem you can insulate it and cap it off but might make the door not close unless you push it shut most doors are made to automatically close.


  • Matt_51
    Matt_51 Member Posts: 7
    Outdoor air vent in walk in freezer?

    My kids school(not public) has a walk in freezer in the kitchen. There is a vent to outdoors in this freezer that generates large ice cubes under said vent. I am assuming that warm moist air enters, cools, and deposits its water on the wall. I am a HVAC tech but don't have a lot of experience with freezers. I haven't ever seen a vent in a freezer before. Is this normal? They asked me if I could end the ice problem and my fix is to close and insulate the vent. Is there any reason I shouldn't close the vent?
  • Matt_51
    Matt_51 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for enlightening me. Your explanation makes perfect sense. The door does not have an automatic closer on it, I always need to push door closed so it should not create a problem if I seal the vent.
  • Mike
    Mike Member Posts: 94
    air vent in walk-ins. DON'T SEAL IT

    the air vent is for the people working in the box, and more importantly, to keep the air pressure the same as outside the box. think about it, if you have a tite box, with the door closed, air temp cools lowering the air pressure. one could have a heck of a time openning the door. you could consider this a safety! don't seal it off! check where it goes outside. maybe something fell off? call the manufacturer,for recomendations
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