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I loathe scorched air, but..

Stephen C.
Stephen C. Member Posts: 60
I know this is heresy around here and I am not a personal convert to FA but..
I recently had two forced air furnaces changed for a client and had a high efficiency zoned system installed.
What a difference ! Who said scorched air can not be comfortable? Client went from a draughty 70 degree setting to a comfortable 67 degrees in living areas and cooler as desired in the bedrooms. The variable speed DC fan is whisper quiet and unnoticed by the occupants. The system was also upgraded to include the highest efficiency heat pump as a bonus for the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of my clients.
The one great drawback to this system and my experience with many others is the inability to get ductwork cleaned properly at any cost.
For that reason alone it is easy to remain committed emphatically to wet heat and nothing will deter me from converting my house to radiant despite all the improvements to scorched air equipment.
The other thing worth noting is you get what you pay for with any system. I had quotes available at considerably less money but stuck by my high priced HVAC sub.
He also did a stellar job on a new all radiant floor house for me. He promises and delivers and the comfort of my clients is worth every loonie.

Stephen C.


  • MikeL_2
    MikeL_2 Member Posts: 494

    You can have the benefits of both you know. I use a Buderus GA124/17 to heat water for a Lifebreath air handler with a buffer tank on the supply side and control it with a Tekmar PID controller. The Buderus also does an Amtrol indirect for DHW.

    With the AH running on low (385 cfm), the buffer tank target temp is 134F at -6F design temp (57C @ -21C). THis in a 4500 sq. ft. ICF house. You can't hear the air handler, there are no drafts, and the low cfm keeps the warm air low to the occupants instead of shooting it off to the ceiling. Plus I get fresh air, humidity control and air cleaning though a HRV and a bypass filter that are part of the system.

    During morning setback recovery, the fan goes to high and the buffer tank target is boosted and you can heat the house back from a 3C setback in about an hour when it is -21C outside.

    Radiant is easier to zone, but beyond that, and with our open concept house, this setup is the cat's meow.
  • John L
    John L Member Posts: 118
    Is the Lifebreath

    a High-Velocity or conventional ductwork system?
    John L.
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