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I have air coming in underneath the thresholds. How do I stop it

EricjeeperEricjeeper Member Posts: 179
or under the threshold? if it is under the threshold, caulk it inside and out.
if it is between door and the threshold.. you might have an adjustable threshold plate.. is there a few screws in the center part? Mine all will raise and lower with a twist of a number three phillips screw driver.


  • Rich SchetzsleRich Schetzsle Member Posts: 3
    Air leak

    I have air coming in underneath the thresholds in 3 outside doors off of one room. How to I fix this.
  • Brad White_9Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    Short Term/Long Term

    Short-term: Cape Cod Draft Stoppers (Probably in LL Bean or other country catalogs. Sort of long socks stuffed with fluff that you lay along the door.

    Long-Term: Weather stripping with meeting thresholds on the sill and on the door. Fussy carpentry but worth it. Short of this a hinged door sweep. Works best when the floor is level; what fits against a closed door may not allow the door to open fully.

    Good Luck and wear Uggs.

  • Rich SchetzsleRich Schetzsle Member Posts: 3

    Is there a specific name for that weather striping?
  • Brad White_9Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    No specific name

    but generically it is known as bronze interlocking weatherstripping. Commonly it was done in the early 1900's, "let in" to all four sides of a door. Very precise.

    Absent that, there are a number of vinyl or neoprene gasket door stop systems that can be had for less money but will not last as long.
  • Rich SchetzsleRich Schetzsle Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for all the insight.
  • Vermonster_5Vermonster_5 Member Posts: 5

    Take a look at "automatic door bottoms". Pemko is one manufacturer. Might solve your problem. If thresholds are not level then maybe not.

  • Ich WundermichIch Wundermich Member Posts: 17
    threshold caulking should be applied

    to one side only. You need a route for condensation to get out. Best results are obtained with the air barrier on the warm side.
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