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Steam Survey

Jamie_6 Member Posts: 710
Got to love big companies?

Conrail (CSX) called our office last Thursday for a steam boiler they where having problems with (their plumbers and HVAC guys could not figure it out). We told them how much we charge for a steam survey and we would also tell them what was wrong with the boiler, why it stopped working. They agreed and I ran into Philadelphia to correct the problem.

All said and done we did a complete system analysis; what was missing (main steam vents and how many, dry return steam vents and how many, trap replacements and cage replacements necessary, F&T replacements necessary, system EDR, how new system should be piped, and tons of info on steam.

How did they pay us back after they got the analysis? They canceled the transaction on their credit card!

I Love It!

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  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770


    Although I don't run a business it sounds like a lower level guy picked your brain then cancelled out so his boss(s) wouldn't find out. I would send a bill to the next higher level and continue to work your way up. Nothing lost nothing gained but you can sure cause a lot of grief and aggravation to those who deserve it.

    Good Luck,
  • soot_seeker_2
    soot_seeker_2 Member Posts: 228

    ...you would have asked us.

    Conrail, Amtrak and several other railroads are notorious deadbeats. They simply don't pay anyone.

    Long Beach Ed
  • Brad White_38
    Brad White_38 Member Posts: 40
    Mechanic's Lien

    Jamie- just a thought- great way to maybe get a piece of CSX stock... If it is a dispute and you are the merchant, I believe the credit card has to contact you first. Otherwise they are aiding and abetting theft (IMHO). Curious what the credit card company says.
  • john_27
    john_27 Member Posts: 195

    Jamie...send them a certified letter stating the amount owed for your services, that the amount was charged on a credit card, and was declined....send it to the president for routing, and state the name of the hiring party in the letter.
    Ask, if there is a dispute, for arbitration.....
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,840

    Absolutley go after them hard. That really pisses me off and it's no even my money. You can always go to small claims court and get sometihing

  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343

    Keep track of all your time persuing this matter in detail. Contact your states Attourney General and see what can be done about this. Also consult the BBB and lodge a complaint. DONT let this dead beat walk. Yeat another reason why I like to get something down before I get F-----. This is becomming a larger problem than even I thought. It used to be just some residential problem, but now the big business wants inn.

    Signed Tired of Theives!!!
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