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Electro-magnetic fields really a problem?

Brad White_9
Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
about the time my tin-foil hat stopped receiving signals from the Mother Ship floating over Area 51.


I think it was debunked as inconclusive.


  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849
    Should we test for levels of electro-magnetic fields in homes?

    Just when I thought I was safe with my smoke and new NSI 3000 CO alarms, a friend says she's had her home tested for electro-magnetic fields. Supposed to be worst where power comes in from the street and attaches to house. While I'd heard of potential dangers from the huge hi-voltage power lines, this never occurred to me.

  • Joe Brix
    Joe Brix Member Posts: 626
    Most of the population

    spends 24 hr/day with cell phones strapped to their heads.
    Brain cancer should be on the top of our worry list.
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613

    thats it im moving into a cave no more modern appliances for me

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  • Doesn't matter

    Wherever you go on this good ole earth there will be EM interference. You don't need a tower nearby to be getting radio waves, there still in the air hundreds of miles from the tower. Water conducts electricity, correct? The earth's own magnetic feild gets diverted into the underground streams, that's why diviners can find water. It's science not psyco. Over the years I have worked with the electric companies and phone companies to slove stray EM fields. If you would like more information on this issue you can e-mail my wife and she can burden you with an overwhelming amount of information on this subject and others like floridation, heavy metal toxicity, and mercury poisioning. [email protected] She will gladly advise you on what you can do to isolate EM.
  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849
    Thanks Henry, yes technology always has pros and cons

    and somehow we must find a rational response to it. Everything around us--water, air, etc. is tainted with something. I'm sure we wouldn't want to go back to the horse and buggy just because of all the pollution and accidents resulting from automobiles. On the other hand we have to have a rational response to air pollution.

    When my friend said he wanted to keep furniture away from the area near the electrical connection to the house since that measured an '18' instead the recommended 'under 4' that makes sense. When he wanted to replace all the 1920s electrical lines in the walls since they give off a higher reading than new lines, I'd say that's extreme.

    I've seen communities up in arms about cell towers being in close proximity to a public area, but is that exposure higher than from our own cell phones? (I've seen the 70s book 'Body Electric'cited as a general source on this.)

    Same thing with food I guess; we know certain things about cholesterol and exercise, but if you follow every government advisory about what's been deemed toxic on a given week, you'd have no time to live your life.

    But I believe we do have to be vigilant because often with proven hazards industries are slow to react in the people's interest. (e.g. smoking was considered safe for many many years.)

    Thanks again,

  • Dave DeFord_3
    Dave DeFord_3 Member Posts: 57
    Where's the data...

    I don't know of any data to date that shows any increase in diseases from exposure to EMR (electro-magnetic radiation). People that work in power plants, television transmitters, and radio stations are constantly exposed to fairly high levels of EMR to the tune of several dozen kilowatts in the case of radio and television transmitters. I have several friends that have been radio engineers for a couple of decades or more and I have never heard them mention that exposure is a problem. Remember that the earth itself has a measurable magnetic field that we evolved in. The upshot is that I believe that any health issues caused by EMR would have shown up by now because we have had high-power electric lines and radio for nearly a century. Until I see some credible data I think that this is much ado about nothing.
  • John Ketterman
    John Ketterman Member Posts: 187

    In 1997, the National Cancer Society finished a large-scale seven-year study of the effects of power-line fields; see this report.

    Short summary: nothing, nada, nichts, lies, lies, lies.

    When we bought our house the home inspector (who was quite good otherwise) pulled out his "EMF kit" and soon "discovered" that we had a serious problem requiring him to reluctantly sell us several hundred dollars worth of products. Halfway through his pitch, though, he saw that EMF might not hurt me but something was going to hurt him.
  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30

    As soon as lawyers get involved or third-party billing becomes a reality for a non-problem, sanity is the first casualty.
  • I don't want to get on my soapbox in this forum but,

    How do you explain the increase in cancer rates? Something had to cause it. After a lifetime of exposure to EM, processed food, secondhand smoke, etc... how can you pinpoint ONE specific cause of an illness? Taking small steps to isolate EMR is just one thing that can be done to limit health risks. Why can some people smoke, drink, eat bacon and eggs for three meals a day and live to 100? When it's your time to go, your gone! But do I live in a cave hiding from technology? Obviously not, I like my fiber optic broadband connection so I can burn DVDs and watch them on my plasma TV with the surround sound CRANKED!! If you don't get to live a little what kind of life do you have?!!

  • Sorry impatient mouse!!
  • Is that anything like the radon mitigation con job?

    Is that anything like the radon mitigation con job?
  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30

    Sure am glad I bought Y2K insurance :)
  • And I Quote (credit in the beginning of article)

    From Electromagnetic Energy in the Environment and Human Disease
    Andrew A. Marino, PhD
    Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
    Louisiana State University Medical School

    "Environmental electromagnetic energy from high-voltage
    powerlines, microwave ovens, radio and TV towers, and
    other similar sources, is pervasively present in the
    environment. Numerous laboratory studies with animals and
    human beings have shown that such energy is a biological
    stressor in the sense that it can elicit an adaptive response
    from the exposed organism. As with any stressor, chronic
    application is inimical to the organism’s well being and
    ultimately may lead to disease. Electromagnetic energy does
    not produce a signature disease, rather it is associated with an
    elevation of mortality and morbidity levels in the exposed
    population. The link with human disease has been shown in
    appropriately controlled epidemiological studies in which
    exposure was associated with cancer and suicide."
  • John Ketterman
    John Ketterman Member Posts: 187

    > The link with human

    > disease has been shown in appropriately

    > controlled epidemiological studies in

    > which exposure was associated with cancer and

    > suicide."

    Simply not true. This is part of a campaign that has gone on for years without any credible proof.
  • History repeats itself

    40 years ago lead based paint was acceptable.
    60 years ago you could roll mercury around in the palm of your hand.
    80 years ago asbestos was added to materials to make them fireproof.
    500 years ago the world was flat.
  • ttekushan_2
    ttekushan_2 Member Posts: 57
    EM fields

    Nicola Tesla had the opposite point of view. He was exposed to extremely high powered high frequency EM fields and found them beneficial. He died at 87. Others share this view, using high frequency fields to promote health and mental well being.

    Of course, the evidence to support the claim of health benefits is surely as controvertial as that which claims the opposite.

    I will try to ignore for the moment that Tesla died alone, depressed, and destitute in a hotel room that was his home. His only friends were the pigeons he fed in the park and from his window, with great obsession.

  • Nicola Tesla dies because his finical advisor told him that if he had accepted George Westinghouse's offer of a patent on the generators he had invented for Niagra Falls and other power plants he would have been a millionare by age 87. Like taking a winning powerball ticket and using it to roll a smoke. Being a megalomaniac savant comes with a price.
  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30
    Henry, I am seeing a pattern here...

    Glass half empty or glass half full?


    p.s. I believe in bigger glasses. ;)

  • Half Full!!

    I am an icurable optimist. But, I am sarcastic, extremly ornery, and love a debate. I warned " don't get me on my soapbox " I'm not out to convert the world by any means; I just like a debate. But this thread is not helping anyone with their heating questions, that's why I said "this is not the forum for this debate". Anyway....
  • Brad White_36
    Brad White_36 Member Posts: 30
    Had to check, Henry!

    I want you to be happy and well; I was just a tad concerened.

    Like you I have "the streak" and am definitely an optimist. Call me a lovable curmudgeon in training.... :)
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