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several questions

midway Member Posts: 35
1. If I remember correctly I read in some of the other questions that the steam pressure should be around 1/2 lbs. in standby and should be about 1 1/2 on the gauge when sending steam to the radiators. My oil man has set the boilers summer (no heat) to 112 degrees to keep the boiler from developing leaks. I looked at the gauge and it reads 5 lbs.. I ran the boiler yesterday (trial run) getting ready for winter. The gauge went up to 6 lbs., does this sound right?

#2. Read also that its best not to use copper pipe near the boiler. When they installed the newer boiler about 10 yrs ago, they used about 1 1/2 feet of 2" copper to reconnect to the old 2" steel steam pipe which goes to the radiators.

Got more questions for later, really appreciate this site, never knew there was so much involved with steam.


  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    summer temp

    You heard correctly, on a thermostat call for heat the boiler starts at 0,turns off it it gets to 2 pounds and returns to on at 1/2 pound. If you have no domestic water coil in a 10 year old steam boiler I would not run it in the summer at todays fuel prices. If you do want to keep the water in it warm it should be done with a low limit aquastat that will fire the burner but never develop pressure since 112 degrees is not going to steam. If you have 5# on a steam gauge and the upstairs isn't heating where is the steam going? Did you drain some water out and measure the temp? As to the copper if it's on the supply side (has steam in it) it should probably be replaced with steel although the amount is small. I am suspecious of the skill level of an installer that would tie in with a little copper, I doubt the rest of the near boiler piping is installed correctly. I would have a pro look at it and repipe if it doesn't look like the mfg install picture. If you post pictures here the real pros here will tell you if it looks ok.
  • midway
    midway Member Posts: 35

    Just checked the gauge, reads about 5 1/2 psi, pipe above furnace (2 feet) is warm.(no steam in pipes to radiators) Could the gauge be defective (not reading right?) No longer useing the boiler for hot water to bath etc, oil serviceman says to keep warm to keep from developing leaks. Other questionable things they did... some radiators are 1 pipe and some 2 pipe radiators, or it that OK?.
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