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GE replacement - Ron Jr. and Kenny

mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
That was a brand not sold in my neck of the woods...be glad to take it.


  • There are thousands

    of these 60 year old hanging GEs still running in Levittown . What usually does em in is a leaky packing nut over the coil - a drip every hour or so over decades rots out the plate . This one was corroded so bad we didn't bother pulling the coil for mungo .
  • Weil Mclain Gold 3L

    Almost ever homeowner says the new boiler and Riello burner are quieter than the ol' GE . Which is great considering the unit is hung right in the kitchen .
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909

    have you ever weighed one of those beasts?

    In our area, I have removed my share of the GE downfired monsters. I even saw one that was at least 6' tall.

    We would cut them up with torches to remove them from basements. The stairs would NEVER hold up againnst the weight. They were lowered in before the first floor decking was started.

    Nice work!

    Mark H

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  • Mark

    These were a special smaller sized GE made to fit in that tight spot . My guess is around 400 lbs or so .

    We don't see many floor model GEs down here . It's usually a converted steamer with a Beckett when we replace 'em . A 6 footer ? That's a Big Mama . Do you ever run across all original GE equipment ?

    Thanks alot Mark . You coming down to the Big Ugly ?
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Ron you guy's do incredible work in lousy condition's...It just goes to show you guy's have worked it towards perfection!!

  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Ron you guy's do incredible work in lousy condition's...It just goes to show you guy's are true pro's in what you do!! I'm betting the homeowner's also love the saving's in fuel and how much cleaner it is.
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    Ron you guy's do incredible work in lousy condition's...It just goes to show you guy's are true pro's in what you do!! I'm betting the homeowner's also love the saving's in fuel and how much cleaner it is.

  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124

    nice work...is that another 1 day job? What was the ge covered with? kpc

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  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Yes and Yes

    I have seen a few of the GE's that had original parts, burner and all. One looked as if it had been installed the day before I got there. The HO kept it in MINT condition.

    Darin and I are going to hop on a train and head down for the Big Ugly next month.

    See you then?

    Mark H

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  • Al Corelli_2
    Al Corelli_2 Member Posts: 395
    Nothing uses more oxygen and acetlyne..

    Nothing uses more oxygen and acetelyne, than cutting out your first big GE.

    I have removed way too many to even THINK about doing it again.

    Ron, that boiler looks like jewelry on that kitchen shelf. Outstanding work, as usual.

    Just got your email, the movie function works well.

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    Al Corelli, NY

  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    SWEET ! I know I've asked before....but how do you vent these new boilers?

    Are the flues for these boilers on the bottom like the "big" G.E.'s were? Do you have to mount a barometric in the chimney itself?

    I don't care how small or special those puppies were...they're STILL flipping heavy ! Chris
  • Al Corelli_2
    Al Corelli_2 Member Posts: 395
    Here's my take on this.

    At the first BUNY, Ron shared the secret to getting these boilers up on the shelves.

    He fills them up with helium and lets them float up there. Yup, that's what he said. :)

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    Al Corelli, NY

  • Yep , one day

    It's not so bad because we have all the parts ready before we start the job , and almost every boiler is piped the same . The truck is 15 feet away from the boiler . They used Stick-Tite for the insulation . Very rarely do we see asbestos .

    Thanks Kevin .
  • You betcha

    Me and Denise will be there , hopefully early . See you then .
  • That was ........

    a trade secret you **** !!! Hahaha .

    Actually I said we were gonna fill Al up with Helium and float us back to Levittown from BUNY . A few more drinks and he woulda tried it .

    The chimney breech lines up almost directly with the boiler breech , which is the same as the regular Gold series . You need to offset one ell and cut a piece of tin about 4 inches to get 'er in . No need or space for a barometric . Reading the wording in NFPA and the Weil instructions it seems OK . Next job I'll take a pic of the space behind the boiler .

    Thanks Chris .
  • lchmb

    You know , we always reassure the homeonwers that they will save typically 20 to 30 percent in their fuel usage . We have plenty of accounts and track before and after the install . Most of them give us that blank " I don't believe you " stare . I hope it's a pleasant suprise to them after a few deliveries .

    Thanks lchmb .
  • Al

    Thanks for the compliment and the info on the camera . I'll trek to Bestbuy and see if they got 'em .
  • John@Reliable_14
    John@Reliable_14 Member Posts: 171
    Nice install as always ron............

    but how do they service them? Is there enough move to clean that top cleaning boiler or do they pull burner and clean up thru heat exchanger?(I have a couple that must be done like that)In my service area pet hair and dust raises hell with the kitchen installs regardless how lean we run them,but at least we can open them, what do your guys do? John@Reliable
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,078
    my gosh Ron, you don't get a break..

    your either squeezing something in a closet or standing on your head..it seems like every impossible install comes your way..how do you keep your sanity..as always, really nice work..

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    Serving Cleveland's eastern suburbs from Cleveland Heights down to Cuyahoga Falls.

  • Servicing

    is easier to do on these than the GE . If the top flue collector plate is pulled there is room to brush down the pins . Access to the chimney is done right through this opening . To vacuum the boiler out they send the hose end through the sight door . On the rare occasion it needs a more thorough cleaning , the burner can be pulled pretty quick . It ain't the easiest system to service , but it sure ain't the worst :)

    Thanks John .
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Hey Ron

    Why doesn't your company use a WB boiler, they swing open the other way to clean the chamber. I could never do the installs you do, no patience to work under such conditions. You are a very unique installer.

  • Levittown WM Boilers


    If I am correct, I think that the WM L series is the only boiler actually LISTED as a product specifically for the Levittown homes. (Spec sheet attached)

    Are there any others?

    Ed Carey

    PS, Nice work.
  • One other that I know

    The Thermo/Dynamics CWL fits up there - if you cut part of the steel and leave some of the jacket off . Not a pretty sight for a new boiler job .

    The boiler of choice before the Gold was the Weil 368 . We bought as many as we could before they discontinued the line . We even bought extra front , back and middle sections and jackets to build our own . The supply ran out years ago .

    Ed , what program do I need to see the spec sheet ? My computer doesn't recognize it . And what does it mean when a boiler is " listed " ? Do you mean Weil Mclain doesn't sell this model anywhere else ? That'd be a shame because I think it's the smallest pin style oil boiler in height , width and depth , and comes with a coil port ( although I might be wrong ) .

    Thanks for the specs and the kind words Ed .
  • We do use the WB line

    in these homes with the boiler on the floor in the kitchen , and under the stairs . The problem with using them here is the width - at least 2 inches wider than the Weil . We'd never get the cover to fit over the boiler again .

    You shoulda seen me the first time we replaced one of these on the shelf . Before that I worked for a sub-contractor and we never put them back up there - they just sat on the floor . Needless to say , I thought the guy I was working with was pulling my leg when he told me it was going back up .....

    Thanks alot Leo .
  • Gerry , you assume

    I have some sanity to keep ....

    Really , these jobs aren't so bad once you get used to them , and more importantly , having a partner that knows their stuff . I've been good friends with Kenny since we were 15 and working for Child World . He started in the business when I did basically - part time meeting us in the afternoon on steamers in the city ( after working for a company that did evictions , of all things ) . After that city work , this stuff is a breeze . Thanks alot Gerry .
  • To Ron Jr


    I saved that directly from the WM web site in the literature section. It is in my computer as a word document. If it does not open, go to WM directly.


    Click on Specifications

    As for Listed, as far as I know, WM has obtained approval through the Listing agency they use, (IBR or other similar), to product that boiler with the L suffix, specifically for the Levittown homes. They have a variance for the DOE AFUE ratings.

    I think that they also are allowed to be installed with no barometric, and can have a permanently affixed chimney connector pipe that does not have to be removed but can be cleaned through the top of the boiler.

    I think I would prefer a boiler that is made for the job, like the WM rather than cutting up another that is not.

    I really like the job you did, and the way you did that install. Looks sharp


    Ed Carey
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836
    Ron Jr.

    Nice job as usual. You guys have nerves of steel to constantly work in those conditions. Amazing.
  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Member Posts: 4,909
    Amen to THAT Al

    I will never forget the first GE we cut up. GADZOOKS!

    Learned the hard way to bring more than one set of tanks!

    Mark H

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  • mtfallsmikey
    mtfallsmikey Member Posts: 765
    I'm really surprised

    That I never have seen a GE wallhung in the flesh...lots of the oval ones with the grey jacket in basements years ago..makes my back sore thinking about those days...I wish someone would send me a GE logo emblem from one for my collection!
  • Darin Cook_7
    Darin Cook_7 Member Posts: 2
    sweet !!

    Maybe it is time for P&M magazine to do a story on all of these TIGHT installs that go on. Always amazing.
    Ron, you would probably not know what do do with yourself if you had a big basement to work in and a open pump panel to build!! Considering what you have to work with and the space to do the install in, you make diamonds out of coal!

    See you at the Big Ugly!


    P.S. I have pulled my guts out on many GE down-fires in my time also!!!
  • Thanks Ed

    For the information and the compliment .

    What kind of variance do they need for the AFUE rating ? I need to reinstall Microsoft Word to read the document .
  • Sometimes

    we do $#@! our pants a little when the Hi-Jack starts to list with the boiler in the air . Or when the weld holding the plate holding the boiler looks a little dicey . I almost broke my ankle getting off of the Hi-Jack onto the paper we layed over Pergo flooring . Yep , out of the 3 or 4 different configurations of these homes , this type of job is the worst . Someday , hopefully soon , each and every one of em will have been upgraded .

    Thanks Ken
  • Mikey

    I'll keep my eyes open for any GE logos we come across . Any other brands you need in your collection ? We come across alot of different stuff .
  • P and M ?

    Man , that would be an honor if they wanted to do an article on us . We just did a 4 section block change in a 5 by 6 boiler room with an indirect in there . 7 zones piped around the boiler like it was in a jail . I just wanted to cry .

    Thank you very much Darin . Can't wait to meet up with you in Little Italy .
  • Joe Brix
    Joe Brix Member Posts: 626
    Ron a Question

    Why elevate the boiler? Looks like you take out the brickwork that was holding up the GE. Or does the base of the chimney flair out at the floor? Doesn't the WGTO
    top vent also? Figure you might get the Baro in also.

    I'd love to see someone test out a Toyomoi OM-180. No coil
    but I bet a HX or small tank could be mounted up on the wall.
  • Brian_11
    Brian_11 Member Posts: 18
    long day??

    Ron: again you amaze me. Great work!!...those must be tough days getting those done so fast...but it looks like you have it down to a science.

    Brian @ Gelber & Sons
  • Well ..... it wasn't my idea

    Levitt decided a Bendix ( I think ? ) washing machine would fit under the boiler very nicely . Most of these homes still have a washer in that spot .

    I'm all for a barometric on every boiler , but venting the Weil up top would bring us too close to the ceiling .

    We have left a few boilers on the floor . Problem is the boiler protrudes into the kitchen more , and that is the only direct path from the kitchen to the bathroom and 2 bedrooms . And that path is already choked down to about a foot if there's a washer under the boiler .

    Is that Toyomoi oil fired ? In the homes with the washer relocated , that might be a great idea - put the indirect under the boiler .
  • Seems like a long day

    but most of the time we get done pretty fast . It comes from repetition . All of us who've been with the company for a few years or more get our hands on these boilers quite often . I'm pretty sure I've done over 100 . One time they sacked me with 3 in one week . We do get done fast , but man do we feel beat when it's over .

    Thanks alot Brian .
  • Ken D.
    Ken D. Member Posts: 836

    And I thought our Levittown, Pa. was tight.
  • Joe Brix
    Joe Brix Member Posts: 626
    The Toyotomi's an oil instant water heater

    Approved for hydronic heating. Uses it's own built in burner.
    Has a Stainless HX, only holds about 5 gal of water. Very small and is only 85 lbs empty. It top vents so I don't think you could get an indirect under it.
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