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water hammer

hammering problem in my hot water basebord system ( 3 years old two story
> house) i have two circulators one with three zones ( one being A hot water
> storage tank)with three of honeywell v 8043 e1012 motorized valves all copper
> PIPES the other circulators has two zones with two of honeywell v 8043 e1012
> motorized valves these lines are pex having been added just before the water
> hamming started ( at one time one cirulater ran three loops two copper one
> pex and the hot warter tank no hammering ) i cant put my finger on it but it
> seems that the hamming is comming from the copper system. The copper system
> controls an upstairs and a downstairs loop both being the largest of the
> four loop the pex loops control one down stairs and one up stairs loops I
> read somwhere that valves on the same cirulater could give you this problem
> if this is so what 1 can i test my system to verify if not 2 is the
> configation or set up that i discribed aboved not one you would recommed 3 is
> there a configation that would be better suited any infomation will be
> greatly appreciated Tom


  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    Water hammer usually comes from either the valves being installed backwards (the arrow on the valve indicates the direction water is to flow through the valve) or there being too much pressure for the valves to close off smoothly against. I think you were saying the noise started after installing the pex. If I got that right, what changed? Is the pex perhaps a different size than the copper it replaced? If so, that could be a pressure difference. Were the zone valves removed and reinstalled? If so, they could be in backwards now, I suppose. Can you isolate which loop is hammering by running one loop at a time? Regardless of the cause, the easiest solution is to replace the motor of the culprit valve or valves with a motor from the 5000 series of the same valve. So the number of the replacement valve would to V8043E5012 rather than the V8043E1012 you have. You need only replace the motor, not the whole valve. You could ask your supplier if the 5000 series motors are available as a replacement part without buying the whole valve.
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