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Calabrate Honeywell DR4200, Hersey model1530 mass flow computer

power plant steam flow calibration! Wow. Anyone know anything about this?


  • Roger Vance
    Roger Vance Member Posts: 7
    Calabrate Honeywell DR4200, Hersey model1530 mass flow computer

    We have 2 powerplants One plant has 2 200HP burnam boilers & 1 150 hp burnam boilers (all ohio specials under 30 HP. The other plant has 2 200 HP burnam & 2 150 hp burnam boilers. Operating pressure is 100# & 130# respectifly. We have honeywell DR4200 chart recorders aHersey nodel 1530 mass flow computer with rosemont 4-20 transmitters that send a signal to tell us what steam pressure is. These are not operating and we are in search of a company that specializes in steam flow calibration. If anyone could help out with this it would be appreciated.
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    I checked with my friend Dale Watterson who is a guru at a utility,and here's what he suggests: I would send them to Fisher-Rosemont which makes steam and nat gas flow regulators and PLC's. I think they are still in Marshalltown Iowa and the last phone I had is 1-800-558-5853. Or 800-356-8000 when I googled it the company came up. Since the rosemont transmitters are so common (we have 100's of them on the gas distribution and power plants) they should be able to help them.
  • oil-2-4-6-gas
    oil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    i know of 1 job that has a digital readout of steam flow --usage --steam was fed by another building --and usage at this "out" building was charged accordingly --i will get a brand name and model --for you next time i'm in the area--we have another plant that does processing they only measure steam pressure with a chart recorder --they are calibrated --they have a name on them --i will find out company names
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