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Running out of Hot H20 eith Boiletmate 41 Gallon

I am having problems a few weeks after getting my controller changes to a L7224 aquastat. I have a peerless wbv-04 boiler and an amtrol boilermate. I had a similar setup in my other house and never had these issues, I thought maybe the coil was lime coated but I have soft water here. Then I check ed to see and my high limit was 180 and the low was 130! My hot water setting is 145 so it certainly would tell me that I think this is a problem since what will happen sometimes is it will basically be trying to heat the hot water zone and it takes forver, I think mainly its a chance that it ever gets hot enough to do it since I am in boston and it just happens eventually a zone calls for heat so the boiler is probably in a hotter period.

My question is what would be goo limits, previously my setup I think was 160low and 200 or 210 high? I know how to adjust it but want to do it that makes sense, maye you can tell me if I am on the right track. Thank you very much


  • ron23
    ron23 Member Posts: 5

    Chris do you have the manual for the boilermate?
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    that is interesting.

    i can hardly recall ever having heard that said in quite the same way.

    It could be you could install an anti scald valve after the boiler mate on the Hot water side .. then it would work longer at supplying you hot water and might allow the boiler mate to catch up through the boiler side, in Boston.

    you could go with 140 -> 175 °F low to high limits... set the boiler mate to 128 see how that works.....then tune the boiler mate up a bit...to like 140 ...

    if your family is more than 4...then you will need maybe higher temps of like 185 on the boiler...
  • Dick Charland
    Dick Charland Member Posts: 178

    Chris e-mail me your telephone number and I will be in touch on Monday. The company I work for is the New England Peerless rep. Without seeing, it sounds like no one has wired to the ZR contacts to start the burner when the Amtrol calls. If that is the case and the Low Limit is set at 130 and Amtrol 145 it will never get satisfied unless a heating zone pulls in and runs the temp up in the boiler. As suggested, at the Amtrol temp it would be very wise to have an antiscald tempering valve if none is installed already.
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