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Vent Rite 35 v. Gorton 1 and Water Loss

Cast Iron
Cast Iron Member Posts: 35
Okay, so following all of your advice, I replaced my vent-rite #35 with a Gorton #1. I have an 18’ main, 2” in diameter. The Gorton vented more quickly than the Vent-rite 35 by about 3 minutes. However, I noticed that the water level seemed to be going down faster with the Gorton in place

So I measured the water drop in the sight-glass for a period of time with the Gorton installed and then swapped it out with the Vent-rite. I filled the boiler back to the original waterline and for the same amount of time with the vent-rite in place I lost about half the amount of water. My question is, is this normal? We’re not talking a lot. 7/8” water loss in two weeks with the Gorton vs. 3/8” in two weeks with the Vent-rite. We experienced approximately the same weather conditions for the two test periods.

Any thoughts? I didn’t change anything else in the system? Maybe I shouldn’t worry about it? I have a 5 section Burnham Independence, so 3/8” of water is hardly a quart of water.


  • jim_128
    jim_128 Member Posts: 1

    El if you live north and the 2 week period in question was the rescent
    cold snap, when temps were holding steady near or below design,your system would has a tendency to lose SLIGHTLY more water then normal. But almost an inch to me seems excessive. The least likely cause would be the new main vent. I would check the entire system- rad vents- rad valves- return lines etc.for water or steam leaks. If none are found wait until outdoor temps return to normal and check your water lose over the same period.I suspect it will be less which is good ,Just the NATURE of your system. Good Luck
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