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Need some advice

Ok, I need some help. I had a new steam boiler installed on Monday, called the people back on Tuesday because I had water hammer so bad, I thought my house was going to fall down. He "burned off" the boiler, refilled it, went and made sure each radiator pitched correctly, we changed the air vents on the radiators. I still have water hammer at the start of the heating cycle (although not as bad as it was Monday night). I never had water hammer with the old boiler unless it was overfilled by accident (only had it twice in the three years I have lived here with the old one). Is there something I can do or what might be causing this now. I read the "We Got Steam" book the very first day I got it and re-read the sections on water hammer, but I'm beside myself and it's driving me, and my border who lives in the basement, nuts.



  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929

    Hard to say where to start without photos, but it's either vents, pitch (not just the radiators) or improper near boiler piping. Depending on the type of system you have, the water line of the new boiler compared to the old one may be a problem. Todays boilers make steam a lot faster than ever before and that could be a factor too. IF it doesn't stop or the installer can't solve the issue, get another pro in there and send the installer his bill.
  • John@Reliable_14
    John@Reliable_14 Member Posts: 171
    He \"burned off\" the boiler, refilled it

    just what does that mean I wonder. All the things Al said and skimming the boiler. Many people think heating the boiler and draining it will clean it, it won't. If piped right, the progess of skimming might be all thats needed. Where in MA? I'm towards the Cape,many on here from MA too. John@Reliable
  • Jim_117
    Jim_117 Member Posts: 4

    Not a pro, just a homeowner here - I had banging radiators after a new boiler installation also, and after weeks of sleepless nights, I drained a bucket of water from the boiler and the banging stopped instantly. You might give that a try, sometimes the first skim isn't enough. After reading "The Lost Art" I also realized that my boiler was piped without a proper header, and also over-fired (burning too much gas and "over-boiling" the boiler). You should post some photos of your boiler so the pros on this site can help you.
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