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Viessmann Vitodens 100 Coming soon?

Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
That it will have a High Quality HX - and perhaps the same one that is in the Vitodens 200.

However, it will have a less capable - lower cost burner that will have a lower turndown ratio that the Vitodens 200; and that it will not have the "fancy" built in control system that the Vitodens 200 has. I have heard that you will have to add a control system in order to do anything more than off and on firing or a simple fixed outdoor reset curve.

So it will be a cheaper boiler... But at what sacrifice...

The Vitodens 200 6-24 minimum firing rate is still to high for many of us; the 100 equivelent boiler will probably be a 8-24. I can't see how having to buy and install another control system to have proper control over an outdoor reset curve is cheaper than getting the one that is built into the Vitodens 200.

In the end we will see what it really is... and what features - and quality have been cut. Will it be worth it for many? That is another question.



  • BK_4
    BK_4 Member Posts: 5
    Vitodens 100 on its way!

    I am a sales rep for a wholesaler in the northeast. I have heard that the Vitodens 100 could be on its way in the next couple of months BUT only available in a natural gas version the LP is on hold. I know that in my area we were waiting for the LP version because my customers were looking for a higher quality boiler at a competitive price. I know that the Vitorond 100 is the highest quality three pass boiler at a great price and I know that the Vitodens 100 would be a great addition to the USA market. What do you think???
  • Will_5
    Will_5 Member Posts: 85
    Time will tell

    I would exactly call the VR100 the " Highest Quality " , It is what it is, a down and dirty competative boiler that happens to be a three pass. The rest of the line is unparalled in quality. I would not put the Vitorond 100 in that class. We will have to see what the Vitodens 100, if it is comparable to the VR100, I'll stick to what I am currently using in a Mod/Con.
  • Nick Ciasullo
    Nick Ciasullo Member Posts: 44
    What it will be

    is a more compact Vitodens. The heat exchanger will be made of the same stainless, but in a more compact box. The burner will not be the same as the Vitodens 200, but will be more similar to what the other manufacturers are using. The high tech controls are stripped out and will simply work with a TT connection and modulate the flame on return water temp. If you want outdoor reset, you will need to buy an external control (similar to a Tekmar or your control of choice). Availability will be sometime after Tax Day.

    I am the Viessmann Rep in PA, DE, and southern Jersey.

    Does this help?
  • Troy_3
    Troy_3 Member Posts: 479
    vitodens 100

    does anyone have a feeling for the price point? Is it 20% less or what? Does it come with a built in boiler circ? Require expensive vent material? are these a new design all together or just a new import? Have they been working anywhere yet?
  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790

    They have been on the UK website for quite a while. I assume it will be a direct import. Based on the UK info, the turndown ratios are around 3:1 and the controls are relatively basic. Hopefully the price ends up being pretty competitive. I don't see a big market for an expensive simple boiler that cycles a lot because of a 27MBH minimum. Buffer tanks might end up being the norm. It would be a tough sell against a Triangle Tube Prestige, for example.

    I could see Viessmann selling a ton of them if they had Vitodens 100 4-16, or even a 4-12.

    Just my take on the mod/con market.
  • Nick Ciasullo
    Nick Ciasullo Member Posts: 44
    Not the UK unit

    It will not be the UK unit, at least not exactly. It will not have a built in pump, but it will have a built in Air Sep. The goal was to offer a product similar to others in the field, but still be worthy of the Viessmann name. It will also be a straight 120v unit right out of the box - no power module. I can't give you a price point because it doesn't exist yet. Look for it to be very competitive. The theme is Viessmann quality without the pricetag.
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