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I installed kick dspace heater, water temp too low to trigger fa

Tombig_2 Member Posts: 231
You have a few options. You could get a lower temp aquastat. It's just a little thermo-disc.

If the unit has a fan switch on the front, you could bypass the thermodisc, let the unit radiate only (very minimul output and heats up the cabinet) and switch the fan when needed. If theres no integral switch I've installed them inside the cabinet door.

Wire the toekick fan to come on whenever the zone pump comes on. You'll have to wire all the way back to the boiler.

IMPORTANT!! You're dealing with 120V here so make sure all modifications are to code or have work done by aqualified electrician.

Hope this helps


  • Bob Stenstrom
    Bob Stenstrom Member Posts: 1
    Kick space heater/water temp too low to trigger fan

    The heater states a water temp of 120f is needed to allow the internal thermostat to turn the fan on. If I raise the high limit setting will I increase the circulating water temp?
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