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Internet sales

Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
Doesn't it...


  • chris_86
    chris_86 Member Posts: 53
    Those that knowingly will hurt our children,...

    There is this web site that is selling equipment over the internet and giving out harmful advice, quite frankly...Dangerous and life threatening advice. However this individual is skirting a number of laws including the right to free speech to continue his activities. He is a former backwoods civil libertarian and survivalist with strong anti-government views, not that any of this is wrong or bad, however he is determined to sell heating equipment on the internet and takes a very strong anti-code position. Plumbing codes exist to protect the public, protect plumbers, and generally are a way, hard learned thru trial and error, to do a better job. This individual believes he has a better way than any plumbing code. This fanaticism should not go unnoticed or unrewarded, as a licensed plumber I have a duty to protect the public and my friends and neighbors. This individual believes he can endanger the public by his position that individuals are responsible for their own activities and he is entirely within his rights to sell equipment unimpeded to an unwary public. This is wrong and is the same as those drug dealers and others that feel they can sell dangerous items just because the law or code doesn’t explicitly prohibit giving out dangerous advice. You will notice he carefully side-skirts talk of code issues and in one section of his web site he freely admits some of his activities cause: "code problems." This is the disclaimer that is preventing local authorities from shutting down this unsafe activity, many have tried! And from the wholesalers perspective they cannot exercise discriminatory sales practices, although they: American Manufacturing and others, Rudd/ Rheem admit: "that to knowingly give out misleading advice", ..." and we would like to distance ourselves" from those that do, they are unable to stop shipping product to this individual knowing that in the advent of a class action suit or civil tort they will unduly be named as a co-defendant. It is up to every concerned plumber and tech., to see that an unwary public is made aware of these people’s activities. I, personally, couldn’t sleep at night knowing that my inactivity is going to result in an accident where some innocent child is going to be injured by the profit motives of Radiantec. I too have a right to free speech.

    Thanks… psycho chris
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
    To assume this guy...

    is, and has - successfully avoided lawsuits by irate clients, homeowner's who have suffered any form of "injury," damage to their home/property, experienced design shortfalls or inapropriate information, in writing via mail or e-mail...

    AND not been sued into oblivion is baffling.

    With today's litigious society, anyone who could be as bad as this guy must and should be extremely well insured, or has adequate cavetas included in every sale that remove his designs and products from any recourse.

    Maybe he should share his secrets with us all? OR, maybe he makes so much money he can afford the liability insurance premiums he must endure?

    I am of the impression he is making so much money that he has no time to do it right; why should he? Ethics?

  • pete_22
    pete_22 Member Posts: 28


    Is this site you are talking about?
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