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Baby it't cold outside

It was -4°F here this morning in Brantford, Ontario. But with the nasty wind here it felt like -38°F(windchill). Is it normal in the US to talk about the wind chill factor?? We do here all the time. It is finally starting to get cold.


  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    As I lay in bed

    this morning I could hear the heat running and running and not turning off. I wondered what's wrong. I go downstairs and check things out. Everything is working fine. Then I check the outside thermometer. Yikes! 5 degrees F. I know some of you see colder around the country, but here in MD the design temps for Manual J is 15 degrees. I wonder what kind of nuisance calls I will get today from people thinking somethings wrong with their system, when they are3 only maxed out? (Heavy sigh.) Thank goodness I got some inside work planned. WW

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  • Ragu_5
    Ragu_5 Member Posts: 315
    Yo, Wayne!

    10 below and a wind here in Maine. I'm not shutting anybody off this week. A routine cleaning could turn into a disaster! Stay warm.

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  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    And I was

    worried about 19° earlier this week (4° below design).

    We're finally getting a winter here.
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
    oooh it's chilly

    0 degrees here and only going up to 16 they say...

    I was outside this morning for my usual walk and when I came back in I found out that I had a runny nose, I saw a frozen streak of buggers down my cheek!!

    I can't wait to start my Ford Powerstroke, I don't plug in the block heater as often as I should but it is cool that when I start the work truck I get heat pretty quick.

    I was out changing a boiler in my buddies house sat night, I will have to go back to check on it and take pics, it was a quicky job- steel boiler and with his help (my buddy is an auto mechanic) we had heat in the house in 6 hours. Unfortunately we started at 4:30PM.

    Well I have 2 calls for today, and I have to wait for RE Michels to open at 7:30 so I can get some supplies before I head out.

    Keep warm today everybody

  • Perry_3
    Perry_3 Member Posts: 498
    5 F would be wonderfull

    -14 This AM when I got up (with some wind too. It would not surprise me if it were a bit colder than that earlier....

    What a wonderfull winter day.... ;)

    ps: I'm not sure I'm going to clock my meter as some suggest. Do I really want to A) figure out how to read the meter in this weather, then when I do - stand there for a few minutes... in the balmy wind.

  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Only 6* here, Buffalo, NY

    I live in the sub's and we just received 42" of snow in just a little more than 24 hours......Burrr. My street was not plowed until 10:30 last night and I had calls waiting. As some of you know the Ford E-250 has slightly less traction than stick of butter...:-)

    Mike T.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    cold is COLD.


    like i say, while it is relative truth, the min you are aware of where someone is coming from... then,more often than not, one is inclined to agree :)

    Zoning, gives one some chance of keeping things together, especially with medium radiant. The thermal mass has some decent capacitance:)
  • Joannie_12
    Joannie_12 Member Posts: 42

    Where's all that global warming people were complaining about in December?

  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    Once again, Weezbo shows sage restraint

    While we in the lower 48 whine or brag about how cold it is, dear Weezbo states his wisdom without a single negative 2-decimal integer...

    As with my comment once about never understanding what the heck Stevie Nicks is singing, Weezbo, I understand you completely at a deep level.

    Stay warm.

  • jackchips_2
    jackchips_2 Member Posts: 1,338
    \"Wait a minute

    baby, stay with me a while".

    What part of that did you not understand my dear Brad?


  • Joe_75
    Joe_75 Member Posts: 57

    31F here in NW Montana. I am in the banaba belt for Montana, Andrew and the guys east see the real cold.
  • John Barba_2
    John Barba_2 Member Posts: 92
    Balmy Minnesota

    -17 this morning, working its way up to a high of -7. There are people out ice fishing! Man am I homesick!
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
    Weezbo the party pooper

    I mean how can we EVER compete with that guy?

    haha, Who loves ya baby?

  • Tony_23
    Tony_23 Member Posts: 1,033
    Hey Mike

    You can have my -14 with 20mph winds and I'll take some snow.

    Half my calls today were "max infiltration" related. When the curtains move 2"/swing and it's bbd, the problem's not the system :)
  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
    Summer ;-)

    But it was 56°F here today...
  • Gothca beat...

    65 degrees in Denver. The streets look like rivers...

  • You could be in antartica...


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398

    it is summer there now after all....
    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be correct!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,398

    That 65 degrees was in your living room for crying out loud.... Fess up!

    And that river... let's not go there....


    +14F here in clear Boston but with 35 MPH winds. Windchill is a tepid -4F. No biggie.
    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be correct!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • I felt your pain...

    last week when it was -22F. Severe stress test for our systems, and only got one call of no heat...

    Dead compressor in a GSHP ;-(

    BTW, my wife, who works for the largest underground utility west of the mississippi, (Denver Water Department) said this big fluctuation in temperatures is wreaking havoc on their water distributuion system. Main breaks everywhere...

  • brucewo1b
    brucewo1b Member Posts: 638
    What are you trying to say Brad

    Too many Phillips Screw Drivers
  • I had an emloyee once who spent 2 years down there...

    He said you have NO idea what design temperature REALLY means until you spend some time there.

    He also told me they had a situation whereby the boilers (oil) only ran at about a 50% duty cycle, even at design temperature.

    Imagine my astonished look :-0

    He helped install the Warmboard system they used that another friend of mine had a hand in designing.

    Small world eh...

  • McKern
    McKern Member Posts: 71
    Hey Mark

    Did he ever qualify for the 300 club?
  • He DID mention it...

    but not sure if he was a member...

  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    Colder today

    My wireless outdoor thermometer sez 0.9 degrees. We aint used to this here, however I worked outside yesterday and felt invigorated. I think the cold air is good for you. I also slept like a rock last night too. :) Temps should start to rise tomorrow. WW

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  • The digital says

    9.9* here in ol' D. C. & the 35 GPH monster on the other side of the wall is pulsating again. Time to clean the diffuser. The oil salesman I talked to this AM had a song in his voice. Seems the gas boys interrupted almost everything & they have some pressure problems just up the road. Yep. Bad for some is good for others.
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    Hey Ron

    I'm a little North of DC up in Damascus MD. Amazing what a 45 minute drive will do to the temperature. Keep warm my friend. WW

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  • ANDREW_12
    ANDREW_12 Member Posts: 29
    hey john

    > -17 this morning, working its way up to a high of

    > -7. There are people out ice fishing! Man am I

    > homesick!

  • ANDREW_12
    ANDREW_12 Member Posts: 29
    hey john

    Im running some 1000' of hePex outside tomorrw morning,
    it should be 5 degrees love to see you in north Jersey.
    I rather be in your 70 degree class room.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Sorry, ;(


    on a lighter note and a closely considered subject,...a 'minor' digression, or mild transgression as it were,...

    please to consider the reasearch team in Greenland who, designe a large heated hole in the ice to maintain fresh drinking water,during the deep winter .... i discussed the designe with them many years ago when looking for a place on the reasearch team as a maintenance monkey/ skilled technician ..*~/:)

    unfortunately i did not get the sleepless drone job...:(
  • McKern
    McKern Member Posts: 71

    I heard that Greenland actually has a surplus of women. I also heard that it's ice colored and the Iceland is green - go figure.
  • hvacfreak
    hvacfreak Member Posts: 439
    Red Rooster

    Red Rooster just plains owns any place for breakfast. You will have a tough time getting a beer in Damascus , but I go way outta my way for food there.
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