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Gas Furnace heating problem to one room

Norm Harvey
Norm Harvey Member Posts: 684
insulate your ductwork.

If you put your hand on the supply plenam and follow along to the cold room you will probably find the ducts getting colder and colder.

also check that there are not any balancing leuvers closed.

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  • heater
    heater Member Posts: 1
    Cold air to one room of 3 year old house - gas furnace

    We have one bedroom which is always cold. There air coming out of the vent is cold compared to air coming into other rooms on the same floor of the house. What are the probably causes of this problem?
  • Is the door to that room

    left open or closed? If closed and there is no return the room will pressurize and no heat will be able to get into the room as there is no circulation.

    If there are other rooms that get very warm then balancing the registers will cause air to move toward that colder area. You may also need a duct booster if there is a long run to that room and the duct is small.

    There may also be insufficient return air on your system. A good way to test that is to hold your hand near the register when the blower is on and get a feel for the amount of air ressure. Then go down and remove the blower compartment door and jump the door interlock switch (if so equipped) then go back to that register and if the volume of air coming out has increased then you have
    insufficient return air and need to cut in some return air registers. A good place to start is that cold room.
  • lee_7
    lee_7 Member Posts: 458

    Where is this room located in regards to heater? My guess is it is probably the farthest from heater with multiple bends. Another possibility is ductwork is apart and cold air is being pulled into duct.
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