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Sys. observations

it looks like you are exposing your boiler to the serious potential of condensate production, which is not good for an appliance that was not designed for it.



  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers Member Posts: 29
    Tonights activity

    What would be your thoughts on my systems cycles?? the house is nice and warm and the bills are not bad.

    Outside temp. 5°F, Inside 70°F
    1947 2 story, no insulation on main floor, leaded glass windows, Gravity conversion, boiler bypass.

    ON - 7:45pm, Sys. temp 100°F, stat, 70°F
    OFF - 8:22pm, Sys. temp 125°f, stat, 70°F
    Delta T - 15°F
    Run time - 37min

    Off time - 27min.

    ON - 8:49pm, Sys. temp. 105°F, stat, 70°F
    OFF - 9:26pm, Sys. temt 130°F, stat, 70°F
    Delta T - 15°F
    Run time - 37min
  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers Member Posts: 29

    I should have included more details.
    Sys. temp is mixed temp. from boiler supply and return. boiler gets over 140-180°F depending on the weather and if I've fiddled with the bypass or not.
  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    Sounds quite reasonable to me. Judging by on-off times, you're operating at about 2/3 of boiler capacity. How was outside temp compared to design outside temp?

    Also looks like a nice and clean gravity conversion. Compression tank looks rather small, but considering how nice everything else looks, I'm sure you sized it properly for the volume of your system.
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