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VXT-24 water feeder not shutting off


That VXT-24 can be set to fill from your LWCO command, or fill for a specific quantity, from one to 5 Gallons, depending on the dip switch settings. If it is not set properly, it will overfill the boiler.

Did anyone change the settings since it was installed?

You said that your LWCO engages the Automatic Water Feed (AWF) then the AWF runs and won’t stop. Does the AWF fill more than the 5 gallons at one time, or is the boiler overfilling after a smaller amount is delivered into the boiler?

Does the AWF simply stay energized, (are you sure) or is it a condition where you just see the water level continue to rise in and above the gauge glass.

I just want to make sure that you AWF or LWCO are the actual problem, or maybe your returns have become partially blocked and the 2 min delay is not now enough to allow the system condensate to return to the boiler, before the LWCO calls the feeder to add more water. Thereafter, when the AWF is adding water combined with the system condensate returning to the boiler, the system overfills.

Ed Carey


  • Water feeder not shutting off

    Hello, My safeguard VXT-24 automatic water feeder (about 7 years old)wont shut off after the low water cut-off turns it on. The light on the LWCO comes on, there is a 2 min. delay,then the water feeder starts feeding but wont stop. It overfills the boiler. Is the feeder the problem or could it be something else?
  • Ken_40
    Ken_40 Member Posts: 1,320
    Could be the feeder,

    or, could be the LWCO.

    It never hurts to remove the LWCO probe, clean it with a stiff brush and make sure the rust stain that always builds up, is not creating a false circuit pathway.

    Be careful to mark the wires and remove them before dis-assembly. Of course, turn off the power to the whole show or wear your tin-foil hat.

    Since the feeder is turned "on" from a magnetic coil energized by the LWCO circuit, it seems doubtful the feeder could stay open unless the magnet is energized. Unless of course the internal check/spring is blown; but if it were, it would feed all the time.
  • VXT feeder flooding boiler

    What Ken said about the LWCO is true. Is your LWCO a probe type? Hydrolevel OEM? If so, I'd replace it with a newer all electronic model. We've noticed that the older Hydrolevel LWCOs tend to signal the feeder to run too long intermittantly but the feeders gets blamed.

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  • DH13
    DH13 Member Posts: 1
    inadequate refill

    My shut off and refill cycles on way too often.  The problem appears to be that when it refills, it only refills enough to shut the low water light off.  So it only takes a very small amount of water to "boil off" before it dips below the min. level again. 

    I have a Safgard vxt-24, but an older one, not the newer one with digital readout and separate time delay and refill amt. settings. 

    Any ideas on how to adjust refill so it refills greater than min. needed to shut off low-water sensor?
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